When did Michael Phelps and his wife have their third baby?

When did Michael Phelps and his wife have their third baby?

Today, Michael Phelps has another cause to rejoice! The Olympian and his wife, Nicole Michele Phelps, brought their third child, a gorgeous baby boy, into the world. "Five-person family!" @mavericknphelps, welcome to the world! "9-9-19," the gold medallist captioned an Instagram photo of his family from the hospital. Get well soon, Nemo!

Phelps is currently competing in four events (eight total races) at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships in Beijing, China. He is trying to win a ninth medal (and eighth gold), but may be outmatched by American Tyler Clary, who also competes in eight events (16 total races).

Phelps' wife gave birth to their third son on Thursday, September 3, around 1:50 p.m. According to reports, she delivered the baby via C-section at PUMCH (People's University of Medical College) in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. The couple's second child, Gunner James Phelps, was born in January 2012. They married on November 10, 2010 after meeting while training together at the University of South Carolina.

Gunner was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nerve cells, when he was 2 years old. He had surgery to remove part of his spine before being cured by chemotherapy. After his successful treatment, Gunner was given a normal life expectancy.

Is Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps married?

Michael Phelps/Wife He's dated Olympians, TV hosts, and former Miss Californias. To be accurate, he's dated two former Miss Californias. One of them is his wife now. Nicole Michele Johnson changed her name to Nicole Michele Phelps one month following the birth of her first baby in the summer of 2016. They met when they were both competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Phelps was born on July 24, 1987, in North Carolina and raised in Baltimore by parents Veronique (née Kipchak) and John Phelps. His father was a commercial artist who later became a real estate agent, while his mother was an accountant. He has two siblings: a brother, John H. Jr., and a sister named Veronique.

When he was 11 years old, Phelps began training daily with a private coach to improve his swimming abilities. When he was 12, his family moved to Chula Vista, California, so that he could train under the guidance of Ron Fleser at the Pacific Swim Club. There he made friends with other young swimmers who would become teammates of sorts. The group included Prince Charles Alexander, who went by the nickname "Fish."

At the age of 14, Phelps won his first gold medal at the World Championships in Barcelona, Spain. He then returned home to America, where he claimed three more gold medals at the US Swimming Nationals in Indianapolis.

Who is Michael Phelps's father?

Phelps, Deborah Michael Phelps, Fred Parents of Michael Phelps, from left to right: Fred Phelps Jr., a brother; and Elizabeth "Liz" Phelp, a sister.

Frederick Martin Phelps was born on August 23, 1959 in North Carolina. He married Liz Alaine Taylor on June 11, 1980 in Missouri. They had three children together: Michael Scott "Mike" Phelps (born May 5, 1983), Caroline "Carrie" Alexandra Phelps (born January 24, 1985), and Charles "Charlie" William Phelps (born April 4, 1988).

Fred Phelps Sr. started the Westboro Baptist Church in 1955 when he was 19 years old. The church is known for its controversial protests at funerals of military personnel and others it considers enemies of God. It also sends out hundreds of letters per day protesting various events, issues, and people it deems important enough to protest.

He died on July 18, 2007 at the age of 53 after suffering a heart attack while preaching his regular Sunday service. At the time of his death, he was the leader of the church and the only surviving son of its founder Betty Jane Forgesson-Phelps.

Who is Michael Phelps’s father?

Michael Fred Phelps'Michael Phelps/Family

Phelps grew up in the Rodgers Forge area as the youngest of three children. His father, a state policeman, was an all-around athlete, and his mother, Debbie, was a middle-school principle. When Phelps' parents split in 1994, he and his sisters moved in with their mother, with whom Phelps had a close relationship.

Where did Michael Phelps grow up in Maryland?

Michael Fred Phelps was born in Baltimore, Maryland on June 30, 1985. Phelps grew up in the Rodgers Forge area as the youngest of three children. His father, a state policeman, was an all-around athlete, and his mother, Debbie, was a middle-school principle. He has two older sisters: Ashley, who is also an Olympic gold medalist, and Amber.

Phelps attended John F. Kennedy High School in Columbia, Maryland. There he became one of the best swimmers in the country. He was recruited by many top universities, but eventually decided to swim for the University of Georgia because it was a close proximity to his home and had one of the best swimming programs in the nation. He changed his mind after getting a look at the school's academic program though, and decided that it was not for him.

Phelps then moved to Fort Worth, Texas where he lived with his sister Ashley and her family. She was also an elite swimmer and also competed under the name "Micky" until she retired from competition to have kids. She now works as a television analyst for NBC Sports and Michael is currently one of their highest paid athletes.

In 2004, Phelps started training full time with the goal of winning multiple medals at the Athens Olympics. He has since become one of the most successful swimmers in history, having won more than 20 individual events including five gold medals.

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