What year did the 49ers win the Super Bowl?

What year did the 49ers win the Super Bowl?

Los Angeles Chargers, 49-26, 1995 Denver Broncos (1990-55-10). 1989-Cincinnati Bengals20-16 Miami Dolphins (38-16) in 1985 The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the San Francisco 49ers 26–21 in the 1982 NFL championship game. This was the first of three straight meetings between these two teams that made the playoffs each season. The 49ers won the next two games to claim their first title.

This was also the last Super Bowl victory for the Los Angeles area until 2002 when the New England Patriots beat the St. Louis Rams 13-10. The loss also ended the Dallas Cowboys' bid for a record third consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

The 49ers drafted quarterback Steve Young in the first round (third overall) of the 1979 draft. He started right away for the 49ers and led them to the Super Bowl before losing to the Chicago Bears. In four seasons with the team, Young completed 175 of 300 passes for 2,671 yards, 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He was traded to the San Diego Chargers in 1983 after starting the final game of the 1982 season against Oakland. There he helped lead the team to its first playoff win over the Steelers in 1984. After one season with the Chargers, Young was released and never played in another game. He finished his career with the Minnesota Vikings after spending one season with them as a backup to Randall Cunningham.

What year did the Cowboys win the Super Bowl?

1996 - Pittsburgh Steelers (27-17) Buffalo Bills, 199430-13 Dallas Cowboys, 199352-17 Denver Broncos (27-10-78) Miami Dolphins, 197224-3 Championships for the Dallas Cowboys/NFL The Cowboys went on to dominate the NFL for the rest of the decade, winning Super Bowls in 1993, 1994, and 1996. Smith, Emmitt, 2007. The New York Times Sports Encyclopedia: The Modern Era. New York: New York Times Publishing, 2007.

They're an offensive powerhouse that has won more than its share of games over the years. The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most successful franchises in football history, with a record eight Super Bowl victories in the 1970s and '80s. Today, they play their home games at Texas Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The team was founded in 1960 by George Kennedy, who was looking for a way to keep his son, Jerry, out of baseball. When he couldn't come up with the money needed to purchase the Chicago Bears, he instead bought the rights to the NFL's former Dallas Texans. In 1967, the team moved to Texas Stadium and have not looked back since then. They're considered one of the original "American Football League" teams because they never left the league. The only other team that can say the same thing is the Oakland Raiders. Both teams were founded in 1960 and both got their start in the American Football League. The Raiders even played the Texans in their first season!

What year did the New York Giants win the Super Bowl?

New England Patriots (21-17) New England Patriots (17-14) 1991-New York Giants20-19 Championships for the New York Giants/NFL in 1987, 39–20. The Giants/NFL have never lost a Super Bowl game.

The New York Giants were the first team from the National Football League to win the Super Bowl. They defeated the Buffalo Bills 21-17 at Stanford University in California on February 5, 1987. The victory was also the first for the upstart United States Football League the previous day when they played a merger match against the Washington Redskins that ended in a 6-6 tie. The Giants went on to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the final game of the season and became the first NFL team to repeat as World Champions.

Their run of success continued in 1992 when they again defeated the Buffalo Bills 21-14 at Pasadena's Rose Bowl. This time though, their reign came to an end one game later when Miami won its second Super Bowl 7-3 over Buffalo.

The Giants have been playing in New York since 1925 when they moved from New York City. The team is owned by John E. Madden Jr. and his family. They play their home games at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

What year did Oakland win the Super Bowl?

Las Vegas Raiders (1984-38-9) 27-10 - Philadelphia Eagles, 1981 Minnesota Vikings (1977-32-14) Championships for the Las Vegas Raiders/NFL The Raiders have three Super Bowl triumphs (1977, 1981, and 1984), one AFL championship (1967), and four AFC crowns. They have never won the Super Bowl while playing in their own stadium. The Minnesota Vikings have most of the same honors with four Super Bowl victories (1972, 1973, 1974, and 1995), two NFL championships (1969, 1970), and one AFL title (1959). They played all their home games at Metropolitan Stadium until they moved to Mall of America Field after the 1997 season.

Raiders' owner Al Davis got into football when his team was still in Oakland City, now called Oakland. He had no idea that he would start a revolution by building a great team from scratch. When he saw how much money the upstart American Football League was making, he decided to join it. The AFL was more popular than the established NFL, so many people thought there would be only one Super Bowl winner in the 1980's. But Davis built his team fast, and by 1983 they were champions of the world. His secret weapon was young quarterback Mark Gastineau, who threw for over 2,000 yards that season. Gastineau and his teammates stopped the Chicago Bears, 49-3, in the Super Bowl. After losing the first two Super Bowls, the Raiders won three out of four after that.

In what year did the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl?

201031-07-Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints/NFL championships.

The New Orleans Saints won the NFL Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on January 31, 2013. Drew Brees passed for 303 yards and four touchdowns, and intercepted three passes as he helped the Saints defeat Indy for just the second time in six meetings. The first was back in 2009 when former Saint Mark Bulger threw five interceptions in a 41-27 victory over the Colts.

After losing their first two games of the 2012 season, the Saints went on to win eleven straight games, including a wild card round win over Seattle that spared them from having to play Houston in the divisional round. That loss allowed the Seahawks to claim the top seed in the NFC with a 12-4 record, but it was enough to give New Orleans a bye and a home game in the NFC championship matchup. They defeated Atlanta 30-22 in overtime to advance to the Super Bowl.

The Saints defense set a Super Bowl record by intercepting Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco four times. They also held him to 133 passing yards, the lowest total ever recorded in a Super Bowl winning performance.

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