What was the score of the Packers game in 1965?

What was the score of the Packers game in 1965?

The Packers were defeated 12-7 by Detroit in Week Eight (November 7), while the Colts defeated Chicago 26-21. Both teams won their next two games, but the Packers were defeated 21-10 by the Rams in Week Eleven, while the Colts avoided defeat by tying the Lions 24-24. These are all of the major NFL games in 1964 and 1965. The final regular season standings were as follows: Green Bay 12-4-1, Indianapolis 9-5-0, Chicago 8-6-0, Detroit 6-6-1, Philadelphia 4-9-1.

In 1966 there were only 10 games played between Green Bay and Indianapolis because the Packers withdrew from the league after that season.

Did the Packers clinch the number one seed?

Share Share your opinions on the Packers securing the top seed in the NFC, earning a first-round bye and home-field advantage in the playoffs. The Green Bay Packers have been named the NFC's top team for the 2020 regular season. On Sunday, the Packers beat the Chicago Bears 35-16 to go to 13-3 on the season. It was enough to secure the top spot in the conference.

The NFL released its final week rankings on Monday, and the Green Bay Packers are off to their best start since 2013. They're also guaranteed to get a first-round bye with a win or tie over any other team and a 1-seed if they finish first in the NFC. Even with that security, there's still plenty of room for error given how well-beaten up the Packers were last year after 13 games before collapsing in the second half. But they do appear poised to make another strong run at a championship.

Clinching the top seed means that the Packers will not have to play on Wild Card Weekend next month. Instead, they'll have an opportunity to rest their starters against an NFC South opponent - likely the Atlanta Falcons - who are currently fifth in our rankings.

It's the first time the Packers have secured the top seed since 2013 when they went 12-4 and earned a first-round bye. Back then, they were ranked No. 2 behind the New England Patriots.

What is the Packers' overall win-loss record?

The regular season.

TeamGreen Bay Packers
First NFL season1921

What was the toughest loss in Green Bay Packers history?

The most difficult loss in franchise history also happened to be the final playoff game in Detroit. Green Bay won thanks to a late touchdown pass from Brett Favre. The 2014 NFC Championship pits the Packers against the Seahawks. It is the third straight year both teams have made the playoffs; it is also the third straight year they will meet in the NFC Championship.

The Packers lost three games by one score last season, including two on their way to the Super Bowl. They lost 37-31 at home to Seattle after leading 31-28 at halftime. That's the same team that was blown out 38-14 in Week 3 this year by Seattle. The 2013 season ended with a 34-31 loss to New England in the Divisional Round. That's the only other time the Packers have been eliminated in each of the past three seasons.

Who won the NFL Super Bowl in 1965?

The Packers won their eighth NFL championship, their sixth in the championship game era, with a 23-12 triumph. They outgained the Lions 410 to 194 yards and held them to only two first downs, but three interceptions by Green Bay's Don Hutson helped the Lions win. Quarterback Tobin Rote was 17 of 31 for 218 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions.

An unofficial title is awarded to the winner of the NFL Championship Game (commonly known as the Super Bowl). The champion is determined by a single annual match played at the end of each season between the winners of the National Football League (NFL) division champions. The conference champions will be identified after the conclusion of all regular season games. If there is a tie between division champions, they will be broken down by head to head competition. The Super Bowl champion will be announced on February 3, 2017.

The NFL began holding its championship game in 1934, eight years after it became a league of teams instead of individuals. The original format called for two four-team divisions, with each team playing everyone else within their division twice and the other division once. The two winners in each division would then meet in the final game.

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