What was the most yards thrown in a Super Bowl?

What was the most yards thrown in a Super Bowl?

3. The San Diego Chargers were led by Stan Humphries' 275 yards, while Gale Gilbert passed for 30. New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII (677 Yards) - ESPN

2. Randall Cunningham threw for 397 yards and 3 touchdowns without an interception in the championship game against the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Horne ran for 114 yards and 2 scores himself. The Philadelphia Eagles beat out the New York Giants by just 1 yard to be the second-highest total ever behind the 677 of the Patriots-Panthers game.

1. The 2003 Baltimore Ravens had arguably the best offense ever in a single season when they topped 400 yards several times. They started the year with a record-setting performance in their opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Terrell Suggs had 2 sacks, 4 passes defensed, and 24/30 yards from scrimmage to go along with his 99 yards on 12 carries. This team also got great play from their running back LeGarrette Blount who had 105 yards and two touchdowns on 25 carries. Quarterback Trent Dilfer finished with 353 yards passing and 3 touchdowns without an interception. The Ravens outgained the Steelers 711 to 69 and won 49-45.

Has anyone rushed 100 yards in the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl XLII The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears thanks to two 100-yard rushes. Dominic Rhodes got 113 yards rushing, one more than Thomas Jones of the Bears, who had 112. This is the first time that two players have rushed for over 100 yards in a Super Bowl game.

Rhodes came into the game as the leading rusher in the NFL with 1,079 yards. He also had 13 touchdowns on the year. In the opening game of the season, he scored three times and had 108 yards against the New England Patriots.

Jones had nine carries for 88 yards and a touchdown in his debut performance for the Bears. He also caught four passes for 49 yards and another score. Rhodes became the first player with multiple 100-yard games this season when he reached that mark again two weeks later against the Green Bay Packers.

Another runner to note is Washington's Stephen Davis, who had five carries for 101 yards and a touchdown last month. He also had 41 yards on seven catches.

In addition to Rhodes and Jones, other players have had 100-yard rushing games in the Super Bowl include: Eric Dickerson (107 yards), Bill Dudley (101 yards), Terrell Davis (100 yards).

What is the most combined yards in an NFL game?

Philadelphia and New England teamed for the highest combined total yards in a game in NFL history on Sunday, amassing 1,151 yards (eclipsing the 1,133-yard explosion of the Los Angeles Rams-New York Yanks in 1950). The Eagles and Patriots played for a 21-17 win at Lincoln Financial Field. With the victory, Philadelphia improved to 5-3 this season and moved into third place in the NFC East behind Dallas (7-1) and Washington (5-3). New England fell to 4-4.

The previous record was 1,096 combined yards, which was set by Chicago and Detroit in 2006. The most combined yards ever before this game was 1,455 by Chicago and Detroit in 2000. This figure includes 100 yards in scrimmage plays and 956 yards in turnovers (50 percent of total yards).

An offensive explosion is defined as one where both teams score early and often, with many long passes and runs. These games are usually high-scoring and come down to the final minutes. Sometimes two or three touchdowns can be scored in the first quarter!

It's worth mentioning that this record was established using modern rules (10 yards instead of 20) that allow for more yardage after each touchdown.

What was the record for a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

Please retry later. This was a Super Bowl full of big, game-changing plays, and Marcus Allen's 74-yard touchdown run was the most spectacular of them all. Then Allen went backwards past the Redskins defenders for a then-Super Bowl record 74-yard running score. The NFL has since set the regular-season record for scoring offense with a tally of 513 points while the Super Bowl is played with its own rules. That mark was broken by the San Francisco 49ers in 1998 and again in 1999 by the Denver Broncos.

Allen's run came during the third quarter of a close game played on January 21, 1978. The Redskins were leading 7-3 at the time and looked to be in good shape to advance to their first Super Bowl. But the 49ers stormed back to take control of the contest late in the third quarter. With just over eight minutes left to play, Washington had the ball near midfield and appeared ready to go for a touchdown. Instead, coach Joe Gibbs called his biggest running back and had him race down the sideline. Allen weaved through several defenders before finally being brought down just outside the San Francisco 30-yard line.

The play was originally not reviewed by television because officials believed that since it occurred after halftime there was no chance that it would affect the result of the game. However, under new rules adopted for the 1978 season, any play that resulted in a change of possession was now reviewable by video replay.

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