What was the best play in Super Bowl history?

What was the best play in Super Bowl history?

Mike Jones made the play of his career when he tackled Kevin Dyson 12 inches from the game-tying score. It would have been the first and only Super Bowl overtime game in history. 2. XXXII: The helicopter run of John Elway It was a watershed moment in what many consider to be the finest Super Bowl ever played. With less than two minutes remaining in an epic battle against Rex Grossman and the Washington Redskins, Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway took the snap from center and raced 60 yards for a touchdown with no time left on the clock to beat the Green Bay Packers 30-27.

Elway's legendary dash set off a wild celebration among the fans at Miami's Sun Life Stadium and around the world. It was also one of the most memorable plays in NFL history. Elway returned three weeks later for another championship run with the same team but this time as a member of Denver's front office. He helped guide them to victory over Seattle in Super Bowl XLVIII. Elway retired after that season as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He is considered by many to be the greatest player never to win the big game.

Elway lost his first two trips to the Super Bowl, but he has won three out of four since then. His success rate of 75 percent is better than any other player in NFL history.

He led the Broncos to victories in five of their six games during his third stint with the team, including playoffs.

What is the biggest point difference in Super Bowl history?

The final score was 55-10 thanks to two short rushing touchdowns by Roger Craig and Tom Rathman. Super Bowl XXIV still retains two questionable marks to this day: the greatest margin of victory in a Super Bowl and the most points scored by one team in a Super Bowl.

They came into the game as even odds, with the New York Giants winning the toss and electing to receive the opening kickoff. However, the Baltimore Ravens defense took control early on, forcing three turnovers and scoring three times themselves before the half ended. The final score was 55-10.

This game started out slow but got better as it went on. In the first quarter alone, there were nine punts, three missed field goals, and a safety added up! It wasn't until late in the second quarter that both teams began to click on all cylinders producing another classic Super Bowl matchup.

The biggest point difference in a Super Bowl is 10 points. This record will not be beaten as both teams are still playing today. Baltimore won MVP honors that year with Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers being their star player. He finished the game with 2 touchdowns passes and no interceptions while completing 22 of his 33 attempts for 275 yards and a rating of 158.3.

Montana was selected as the winner of the Super Bowl MVP award. He became the first quarterback to win the trophy twice having also done so in 1991.

What is the longest play in Super Bowl history?

Washington Redskins, 43 yards in Super Bowl XVII This is the most exciting long touchdown run in Super Bowl history. Early in the fourth quarter, the Redskins trailed the Miami Dolphins and faced fourth and one at the Miami 43.

71 years old (January 26, 1950) Age/Jack Youngblood

What is the biggest blowout in Super Bowl history?

55-10 The San Francisco 49ers' 55-10 thrashing of the Denver Broncos in 1990 was the largest blowout in Super Bowl history. Two 49ers players were awarded the game's most valuable player award: quarterback Joe Montana and defensive back Ronnie Lott. It was the first time that had ever happened.

Montana went 18 for 21 for 227 yards and three touchdowns while Lott recorded nine tackles, one sack, and one fumble recovery.

The score was tied 10-10 at halftime before Montana found Jerry Rice on a 76-yard touchdown pass to give the 49ers a 17-10 lead early in the third quarter. He also threw two more touchdowns before he was pulled in favor of Jeff Garcia late in the fourth quarter.

Garcia finished with 251 passing yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions while playing with a broken hand. Rice had eight receptions for 147 yards and two scores during his record-setting performance.

Lott's award was not the only one bestowed upon a 49er that day. Linebacker Richard Seymour was given the game's most valuable player award by the Associated Press.

What is the biggest win in Super Bowl history?

Super Bowl 29 (XXIX), which took place on January 29, 1995, was the highest-scoring game in NFL history. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers, 49-26, with a combined total of 75 points. This mark has since been broken three times: by 1998's Super Bowl XXXII between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Tennessee Volunteers, by 2012's Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins, and most recently by 2017's Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

The game itself was also notable for two passing touchdowns. It was the first time this had ever happened in the Super Bowl era (1972 through 2016). The last time it occurred in any NFL game was four years earlier in the NFC Championship Game when Minnesota Vikings quarterback Randall Cunningham threw touchdown passes to both Michael Robinson and Cris Carter.

Cunningham would go on to lose that game 23-7 to Chicago Bears quarterback Jim Harbaugh.

There have been nine games with at least three touchdowns in all of NFL history. Three of those games have involved the San Francisco 49ers: Super Bowl IX, Super Bowl XIX, and Super Bowl XXIV. All three of these games were won by San Francisco, who have won every one of them.

Who are the best players in Super Bowl history?

Running, receiving, interception returns, punt returns, kickoff returns, and fumble returns are all included in this category. Miami's Jake Scott has three games (1 own, 1 opponent) 3 games for Fran Tarkenton of Minnesota (2 own) 4 games for Franco Harris of Pittsburgh (2 own) Dallas, Roger Staubach, 4 games (2 on his own) Bobby Walden of Pittsburgh has two games (2 on his own)

3rd of February, 2019 There has never been a Super Bowl game in which neither team scored a touchdown. There has, however, been a title game in which one team failed to score a touchdown: the 1971 Miami Dolphins, who were defeated 24-3 by the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A comprehensive list of Super Bowl records can be found on page 654 of the 2018 Official NFL Record & Fact Book. The San Francisco 49ers (XXIX). The cowboys (XXX). Win a Super Bowl with one team and then defeat the same club in the next season's Super Bowl. James White-New England, LI-3 TD, 1 (2-point) conversion against. Atlanta

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