What was the last test won by South Africa?

What was the last test won by South Africa?

South Africa triumphed 2-1. England forced a follow-on to South Africa in the first Test, but South Africa successfully finished with a tie, South Africa winning the second and third Tests, and England winning the final Test.

England began their series against South Africa with a win, but then lost the next two matches forcing a draw between the world's no. 1-ranked team and no. 3 team. In the fourth and final match of the series, England defeated South Africa by an innings and 63 runs to reclaim the No. 1 spot from Australia. This is England's first Series victory over South Africa since 1972-71.

In October 2017, South Africa beat India by one run to win the T20I Series. This is South Africa's first Series win over India since 2008. The previous best result for South Africa was finishing as runners-up twice - in 2002-03 and 2013-14. India have now beaten South Africa in all five formats of the game.

India opened the 2012-13 season with a bang by defeating South Africa in the Indian Premier League (IPL). At the time, it was also India's biggest win over South Africa in terms of runs. However, India went on to lose the three-match ODI series 0-2.

When was the last time South Africa lost to Scotland?

South Africa was defeated by Scotland, defeated by Ireland and Wales, and drew with England. They also defeated a representative French team comprised of two Parisian teams. The date in brackets denotes when the record was established or was last set.

Scotland has won eight out of nine matches they have played against South Africa. The only loss came at the hands of the English national football team, who were world-famous at the time but are now only known for their victory over Australia in the first ever World Cup final.

The match took place at the Royal Park in Edinburgh (then called Caledonian Ground). It was not part of any tournament or series at the time and so is not included in the record of official matches between the two countries. However, it did establish an important milestone in the history of soccer in Scotland. With this win, Scotland became the first country other than England or France to win the World Cup.

They were awarded the trophy after defeating England 1-0 in the final. Full-back Wilf Kirkham scored the only goal of the game after 70 minutes. This was also the first ever World Cup final to be decided by only one goal.

It all started in 1872, when the Scottish Football Association was founded.

How many times has South Africa won in Scotland?

They are also the only team to have won an away match between the two teams, having done it 14 times in Scotland. South Africa has won each of their seven home games. South Africa has dominated since its re-admission to rugby in 1992, winning 17 of the 19 meetings between the two.

The first test was played at Inverleith on July 2, 1873, and ended in a 0-0 draw. The second test a week later saw Scotland beat South Africa 3-0 at Edinburgh. This is the most recent test match between the two countries.

There have been several attempts to play matches between South Africa and other nations, but all have failed due to financial difficulties. A match up between the Springboks and Australia was planned for June 9, 1995, but was cancelled after only one game had been played when funding collapsed. An agreement could not be reached to reschedule the match so it was canceled.

An Australian tour of South Africa in 1998 was meant to include a test match but this idea was dropped by the Australian government because of security concerns. There have been calls from some Scottish fans to bring about a series between the two countries, but nothing has come of these requests yet.

How many ODIs has South Africa won by no result?

The 4th ODI (ODI 2292) was a no-result, and South Africa went on to win the 5th ODI (ODI 2293) and 1st ODI (ODI 2297) against India in their following series before falling to India in the 2nd ODI (ODI 2298). If this result is also ignored, South Africa's winning run now stands at 17 games. This sequence concluded with a no-result.

In addition to its four no-results, the final match of the 2017/18 season between South Africa and Australia also ended without a result. The series ended 1-1.

South Africa won the first two matches very comfortably but then lost three out of four matches very badly. They finally managed to win one match in India after five consecutive losses. However, this match ended in a no-result due to rain.

Overall, this means that South Africa has won 17 matches through no results. This is the second highest number behind India's 20 wins through no results.

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