What NBA players think LeBron is the goat?

What NBA players think LeBron is the goat?

LeBron James, to me, when you think about all-around basketball players, he's probably the best of all time... But when you want to say who's the greatest ever, it's still Michael Jordan. I would never take away from him; he's done an amazing job so far.

As for what people are saying about him on Twitter, that's different. That's not how I view it. I just think of him as a guy who has always been able to do whatever he wants to do since he was a kid. He's always had this ability to accept failure but also be successful later in life. I think people look at that and they think, "Well, if he can do it, why can't I?"

I don't know any of the other guys on our team. I haven't talked to them about it. I just see their comments on Twitter and on TV. I just think of them as kids who are just trying to make it big in the NBA. I guess some people may look at it as negative, but for me it's more of a positive because I'm watching someone who has always been able to accomplish great things in his career.

Is LeBron James the greatest athlete of all time?

LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world right now. Most people, and possibly even most basketball players, would agree with that assertion. NBA commentator Nick Wright recently stated that LeBron James is the best athlete of all time, with no close second.

The best athletes in sports history are often judged by their overall contributions to their teams, with little attention paid to their individual achievements. This is particularly true for baseball and football where the importance of defense and strategy makes it difficult to quantify how well an athlete plays against other athletes.

However, if we were to judge the best athletes of all time solely based on their talent alone, without considering their contributions to their teams, then LeBron James would be the clear-cut winner. He is the only person who has ever won Olympic gold in both the sprinting and jumping events, and he also holds the record for most gold medals earned by a male athlete (four).

Furthermore, nobody else has ever scored over 50 points per game in an entire season, which LeBron did last year. And finally, there is no one better at dunking the ball than LeBron, with his signature move being called the "dunk".

In short, if we were to judge athletes based on their ability alone, then LeBron James is the greatest of all time.

What does Jordan think of LeBron?

Since LeBron James' rise to prominence in the NBA, the controversy between Michael Jordan and LeBron James for the title of "Greatest of All Time" has raged. However, according to ESPN's Michael Wilbon, Michael Jordan is a strong supporter of James rather than a rival. When asked about Jordan comparing himself to Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, Wilbon said that while it was true that Jordan had never been able to win against Kobe or Shaquille O'Neal, he did consider himself in competition with James since they both want to be considered among the greatest players of all time.

Here are some of Jordan's comments on James:

On whether or not he considers himself in competition with James: "Of course. Why wouldn't you? We're in this thing together." (ESPN The Magazine)

On why he doesn't feel like he's been able to beat Kobe or Shaq: "Those were two great players. I've always felt like I've been up against just one guy -- myself. And even though I haven't won yet, I still believe I can get them." (ESPN The Magazine)

On why he thinks people say he's done: "I don't know. Maybe they think because I haven't won yet that there's something wrong with me or something. I don't know." (ESPN The Magazine)

Is LeBron the perfect athlete?

As the NBA Bubble Experiment comes to an end, LeBron James cements himself as the greatest player of all time. I cover pop culture and entertainment from a business standpoint. LeBron James has established a career few athletes in history have matched: four-time champion, four-time Finals MVP, four-time regular-season MVP, and two gold medals. He's also the first player to score at least one point in each game of a championship series.

To call him a great athlete is an understatement; he's a deity on court. A seven-foot-three inch giant who can jump out of the gym, swim like a fish, and run like the wind makes everyone else on court look like overgrown schoolchildren.

His athletic ability is only part of his greatness; the other part is his mind. Lebron knows how to play basketball like no other player in NBA history. His understanding of the game is unparalleled, and it's helped him remain at the top of his sport for so long.

He's been called many things over the years: “The King,” “LeBron James”, “King James”, and my personal favorite, "America's G.O.A.T.". It doesn't get any more accurate than that.

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