What is the New York Yankees radio network?

What is the New York Yankees radio network?

The New York Yankees Radio Network is a radio network operated by Entercom that broadcasts New York Yankees games to 52 stations in 14 states. The majority of these stations are located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, two states that have a large population of fans who follow baseball's most successful team.

In addition to covering more territory than any other Yankee station network, this one also includes several smaller markets where there is no other team presence. For example, there are no other major league teams within 100 miles of Poughkeepsie, New York so it is the only place there that can listen to the Yankees play live. And although Hartford is known for its hockey team, the Connecticut Hockey Rangers, it is still able to support its baseball team with season tickets sales and fan interest. There are also many small towns with populations under 50,000 where the only game in town is the Yankees game. So even if they don't know any other baseball players or coaches, they will still tune in every day to hear Mike Mussina talk about his feelings toward left-handed hitters or Jason Varitek report on how much damage Mariano Rivera is doing in his final season.

Is the Yankee game on the radio?

Locally, New York Yankees baseball games may be heard on AM and FM radio stations. Tune in to WFAN 660 AM (a WFAN 101.9 FM simulcast of WFAN) and WADO 1280 AM in New York City to hear New York Yankees radio (Spanish)...

...or check out one of the many other radio stations that broadcast New York Yankees games.

In addition to regular-season games, the Yankees also play an important role in the MLB postseason. During the playoffs, which usually take place in October, the Bronx Bombers play a key role in deciding who will win the World Series.

New York Yankees baseball is played in the American League East division of Major League Baseball. The team is based in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City, with its home field at Yankee Stadium. New York Yankees baseball has been so successful over the years that it's now considered one of the most popular sports in America.

The New York Yankees were founded in 1923 by the estate of Jacob Ruppert as a replacement for the Boston Red Sox franchise that had moved to New York City the previous year. For many years, the Yankees didn't have much success on the field, finishing last in their first eight seasons before winning the first of what would become many championships in 1927. Since then, they've only missed the playoffs twice; in 1978 and 2009.

Where can I listen to the New York Yankees?

Outside of New York City, over-the-air television broadcasts are frequently viewed on: the normal lineup of radio stations featured in the Yankees' radio network until 1989. David Halberstam, "Sports on NY Radio," 1999. In 1990, the Yankees launched an all-sports radio network, which is heard in most of the state.

After the Yankee Stadium video board came on during Game 5 of the 2009 World Series between the Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, many people started watching the game on TV instead. The Bronx Bombers went on to win their second world championship in three years.

The Yankees play in a stadium named after themselves. It is located in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. The stadium is known as "The House That Ruth Built" because it was here that Ruth made his major league debut for the Boston Red Sox in 1932. Through the years, it has been remodeled and improved upon, most notably by George M. Steinbrenner from 2003 to 2007. He was succeeded by his son Hank III who managed the team until he died in a car crash in February 2015. Since then, Tom Werner has taken over as president.

The Yankees have won more than 600 games over the course they have been playing baseball. They are one of the most successful teams in American sports history and have only missed the playoffs once since 1964 (1996).

What channel are the Yankees on?

What channel do the Yankees play on? The YES Network broadcasts the majority of Yankees games in the market. Select high-profile games, including as rivalries with the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox, will occasionally be shown on ESPN (including Opening Day), ESPN 2, FOX, and other networks.

The Yankees' official television home is YES Network in New York City; however, most games are also broadcast by the team's regional sports network, the New York Yankees Television/Radio Network. The YanksTV Network is available in most of New York State along with parts of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. In addition, select games are televised by local stations in other parts of the country when they conflict with Yankee games.

In 2010, according to SportsBusiness Daily, the Yankees earned $223 million while broadcasting their games. That same year, according to Forbes, the franchise was ranked 11th among all professional sports teams with a revenue of $456 million.

The Yankees first announced that they had signed Shaughnessy to a contract on October 15, 1992. He would go on to appear in two games for the Yankees before being sent down to the Buffalo Bisons on October 21. Shaughnessy finished the season with Buffalo, hitting.333 in 26 games before getting called up by the Yankees once again on September 6, 1993. He ended up playing in three more games for the Yankees that season before being sent back down to Buffalo.

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