What are PA and PF in fantasy?

What are PA and PF in fantasy?

In fantasy football, PF stands for points for, which is the total amount of points scored by a team. The term is identical to the PA stat, which shows the amount of points scored by rival teams against the squad during the season.

A player's PF rate is how many points his team scores per game. If I had David Johnson on my team, his PF rate this year would be about 20 because Arizona has scored 20 or more points in every game this season. His PF/G ratio is also called his impact rating. In other words, if everyone on your roster had a PF rate of 20, it would be the same as having two real players on the field all the time.

The PF/G ratio shows us how much value there is in each player on our team. If we had a player with a ratio of 1, he'd be worth one point per game. If we had two players with a ratio of 2, they'd be worth four points per game. It's not easy to find players with high ratios, but it does happen from time to time. For example, last year Charles Jones of the Jacksonville Jaguars had a PF/G ratio of 3.5. That means that for every game he played in, three points were earned by his team just through him getting involved in the offense.

What does PF stand for in basketball box scores?

Personal Fouls = PF PTS stands for points scored. Plus/Minus = Plus/Minus. E.g., "Smith had 22 points on 7-of-9 shooting with 10 rebounds and 10 personal fouls." or "The Celtics outrebounded the Magic 42-40 but they also received 12 personal fouls compared to only 9 for Boston."

Efficiency ratings take into account how many more points per game a player is scoring than what his salary is. For example, Michael Jordan was a great scorer who played against second units most of the time, so it's not surprising that he earned high efficiency ratings. In fact, no player in NBA history has ever had an efficiency rating below 100.

Because of this, people sometimes try to knock off players who are scoring well but not winning games. They'll say things like "You'd think a player as good as Jordan could win a championship", or "Lance Thomas should be averaging more than 20 points a game, not less".

The first thing you should know is that nobody cares about your fantasy team, especially not in the real world.

What does "P" mean in hockey standings?

Total number of points Standings in Points "P" or "Pts" denotes total points, whereas "GF" or "F" denotes total goals scored by the club. Goals scored in a shootout are not added to a team's total. A team that wins a shootout receives one more goal in the game and one more goal in the season total. For example, if a team scores eight goals in a shootout victory, they would receive one point for each goal they scored as well as two additional points for winning the shootout.

A letter next to a club's name after a score indicates how many games that club has left to clinch a place in the next level of competition. For example, if Montreal beats Boston 3-1 in their first-round NHL playoff series, then Montreal will need only one more win in the second round to advance to the Stanley Cup final. The "P" next to Montreal's name indicates that the Canadiens have clinched a spot in the next round.

A blank space next to a club's name after a score indicates that the club has yet to play enough games to determine its post-season fate. For example, if Chicago loses Game 6 of its first-round NHL playoff series against Minnesota 4-3, then the Blackhawks will need to win at least one more game to advance to the next round. The "P" next to Chicago's name indicates that the Blackhawks have no more games remaining in the first round.

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