What happened when Percy went to retrieve Ares' shield?

What happened when Percy went to retrieve Ares' shield?

The Olympians and Percy Jackson Ares approached Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, two demigods and a satyr in the vicinity, and urged them to collect the shield for him in exchange for a journey west. When Ares reclaimed the shield, it transformed into a bulletproof vest that he threw over his back. Then he pulled out a knife and stabbed himself in the heart with it. The gods and Percy assumed he was dead but then he woke up moments later with no memory of the incident.

He decided to go along with the plan because he had no choice. If he refused, then they would kill him. So he collected the shield and followed after the others as they traveled west.

During their journey, they came across a giant snake called Python who was guarding a golden chalice. Before they could deal with him, however, an old woman named Eriboea appeared and claimed she could handle Python. She used her magic to distract him while the others escaped. After that, they continued on their way west.

In order for Percy to receive his full godly power back, he needed to drink from the River Styx. But first he had to face his father Zeus who wanted to punish him for killing Kronos. In the end, though, they realized this was what was best for everyone including Percy himself. So they agreed to let him go ahead without them if he wanted to do so.

How did Percy beat Ares?

Percy eventually won the combat by stabbing Ares in the heel; Ares tried to assault Percy again in a fit of wrath, but Kronos stopped him. Ares cautioned Percy before leaving that he had made a horrible mistake by making the God of War his adversary. Kronos then castrated Ares and locked him up in hell.

In the end, it was Kronos who got what he wanted: the death of Zeus' son. Without Ares to oppose him, Kronos easily overpowered Percy and threw him into prison where he would remain forever.

Ares was freed from hell when Hephaestus created him a new body using gold and silver. He used this body to attack Kronos when he next appeared in battle, but he was no match for the older god and was defeated. After this defeat, he never again appeared in battle against Kronos or any other deity.

Kronos knew that without Ares to oppose him, he could easily overpower Percy and throw him into prison where he would remain forever. So he decided not to kill Percy but instead imprison him with the hope that someday he would die in prison. This way, neither party would be harmed and chaos could be kept at a minimum in the universe.

Kronos also knew that without Ares to oppose him, he could easily overpower Hephaestus and defeat him too.

What does Percy say to Ares in "Lightning Thief"?

Percy refers to Ares as a jerk as he hands him the shield, which causes Annabeth and Grover to take a breather. Ares ignores them and gestures to a semi-truck with the words "it carries wild creatures"; it will stop in Vegas before continuing on to L.A. The truck is filled with monsters who have been freed by Tartarus after Hades surrendered to Zeus.

In addition to being a god of war, Ares is also known as the God of Strife. This means that anything that brings two people together against one another (such as heroes vs. villains or friends vs. enemies) he will cause trouble for later on in some form or another. In this case, it's clear that Ares wants nothing more than to fight and destroy Percy because he's angry about his father giving him up.

It's possible that Ares is only using this strategy with Percy since he was able to defeat him during their first meeting in "The Lightning Thief". If this is the case, then it shows that even though they're gods, they are still just children at heart who want to have fun. They may seem like they're all powerful, but they can be defeated if you work together as a team.

With what did Percy kill the Minotaur?

The Olympians and Percy Jackson Percy manages to leap atop the Minotaur's back, sever one of its horns, and stabbing it in the side to kill it.

Percy's actions are based on an actual event in Greek history when Theseus killed the Minotaur with a sword. These days, we know this as modern sportsmanship.

How did Percy feel about Ares after his trip to the water park?

Ares requests a favor since he forgot his shield at an abandoned water park while on a date with his lover. He doesn't want it, and he understands that Percy deserves a chance to show himself. Percy sees that Ares' strength is making him furious, so he declines the offer. However, once again, Ares forces him to change his mind.

After hearing this, Ares decides that he will kill Percy if he ever turns him down again.

Percy dreams of having friends when he moves to Marsville. But when he arrives, he realizes that everyone there hates him. Even his new friend, Apollo, ignores him. One day, though, a new boy named Dex joins their class. He is friendly toward Percy and invites him to come hunting with him and his brothers. When they go outside one night, they find out that someone is trying to destroy everything in sight. Before they know it, something dark enters the scene and attacks them. After defeating it, they discover that it was only a demon. Since then, they have been going out every night to fight different demons with Apollo's help.

In the end, Percy learns that Ares has been helping him because he feels guilty for ignoring him earlier. So he decided to be around to help him whenever he needs him. Also, Dex becomes Percy's friend and helps him get used to living on Marsville.

Did Hades put the lighting bolt in Percy’s backpack?

In Chapter 20, we discover that it was Ares (the god of war) who placed Zeus' lightning bolt in Percy's knapsack. Hades, enraged, shows that Percy does, in fact, have the lightning bolt in his bag. He uses it to set the forest on fire around Camp Halfblood, trying to kill everyone inside its borders.

Hades is one of my favorite characters in the mythology book series. You'll learn more about him in future chapters!

What strategy does Percy use to beat Percy Ares?

What is Percy's strategy for defeating Ares? Percy threw a wave at him, then aimed for his skull, then moved to his ankle. Something unusual happens when Percy wounds Ares, causing Ares to back off. It seems that when Ares is hurt, he loses some of his strength! This could be because injured gods don't heal as fast as healthy ones do, so they need more time to recover.

Here's what I think happened: When Ares shot an arrow at Percy, it hit him but didn't pierce his skin. That's why Ares backed off after he shot him. Maybe if the arrow had gone into Ares' body, he would have lost too much strength to fight back. Anyway, this shows that you can defeat Ares by taking him out of his fighting form.

As long as you keep Ares away from him, you will win the battle!

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