What are the results of WrestleMania 30?

What are the results of WrestleMania 30?

WWE Wrestlemania 30 results: Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, while The Undertaker's run comes to an end. The return of Brock Lesnar ended the Dead Man's perfect Wrestlemania streak, while the underdog finally defeated the Authority to reach the summit in an emotional climax.

After 14 years, The Undertaker made his return at WrestleMania 30 during a special edition of Monday Night Raw. During his promo before his match against Brock Lesnar, The Dead Man announced that he would be leaving WrestleMania undefeated. After failing to defeat Lesnar, The Undertaker submitted to him with a bang-up block from Lesnar. As a result, his undefeated record is now tied with Bruno Sammartino.

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE after a one-year absence at WrestleMania 30. During his entrance, he went straight into a singles match against Daniel Bryan. Early on, it looked like this was going to be another win for Bryan as he took out both Lesnar and The Undertaker during their respective matches. However, thanks to a surprise appearance by Paul Heyman, Lesnar came back at night to even the score between himself and Bryan. With no choice left, The Authority ordered Lesnar to face John Cena at Summerslam 2014 instead of continuing with his original matchup. Later on, Bryan got the better deal out of this since he received a title shot at SummerSlam 2014 against Lesnar for his championship.

How many losses does the Undertaker have at WrestleMania?

Roman Reigns beats The Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania as the Deadman pretends to retire. The image was given by WWE.com. The Undertaker's unrivaled WrestleMania record was shattered when he was beaten by Roman Reigns on Sunday at WrestleMania 33. The match lasted more than five minutes and there were multiple cameras used to capture it.

WrestleMania is an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It is held each year on March 30 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The event has been held at various locations throughout its history, including Chicago, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Miami, Toronto, and most recently, Los Angeles. The first WrestleMania took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City and was watched by 14,000 fans. Since then, it has become one of the biggest events in sports entertainment annually selling out all venues that host it.

The Undertaker debuted at WrestleMania I against Hulk Hogan in a steel cage match. He went on to defeat Hogan with his famous "tombstone" finisher and win the match. This is considered by many to be the start of what is now known as "The Streak". From WrestleMania I through IV, The Undertaker lost only one match: a disqualification loss against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X8.

How many wrestlemanias has the big show won?

Bryan has a 3-2 record if you include his dark match against Sheamus at WrestleMania 27: Showcase of Champions.

Most Championships Won at WrestleManiaBig Show

Undertaker lost which WrestleMania?

WWE WrestleMania 33 was the most-watched television event of the year in America, according to Nielsen Media Research. The show drew 69.6 million viewers, making it the largest audience ever for a wrestling pay-per-view event. In addition, it marked the biggest Monday night in U.S. television history.

WrestleMania is known as "The Biggest Party Of The Year" and this year's edition did not disappoint with appearances from some of today's top wrestlers including John Cena, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and more!

WrestleMania 33 took place on March 29th at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. WWE has yet to announce who their next headlining act will be but rumors are swirling around names like Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

In other news, Undertaker's wife, Wendy, has died at the age of 58. She had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma back in January 2015.

Who won the United States title at WrestleMania 31?

On Sunday night at WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins stunned everyone by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship... They succeeded.

What are the matches for WrestleMania 2020?

Match Schedule and Storyline for Wrestlemania 36

  • Brock Lesnar (c) vs Drew Mcintyre – WWE Championship.
  • Goldberg(c) vs Roman Reigns – WWE Universal Championship.
  • Becky Lynch(c) vs Shayna Baszler – WWE RAW Women’s Championship.
  • Bayley (c) vs.
  • Rhea Ripley(c) vs Charlotte Flair – NXT Championship Match.

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