What are the Essex first class cricket records?

What are the Essex first class cricket records?

This is a list of Essex first-class cricket records, which includes both team and individual performances for Essex in first-class cricket. List A cricket records for Essex, the shorter version of the game, may be found at List of Essex List A cricket records.

The records below were obtained during the course of Essex playing more than enough matches to qualify for the statistics sheet. Some statistics such as averages and totals include all games played while other records such as wins, losses, and matches drawn count only those games that have been declared official by the MCC Board.

Team records: First-class matches: most wins - Essex (62). Most losses - Essex (62). Most draws - Essex (31). Total runs for Essex - 3,688 (average 51.98). Total runs against Essex - 4,223 (average 57.65). Total wickets taken by Essex - 335 (average 14.88). This table shows that although Essex had many good seasons they never really managed to stay ahead of the competition. However, because the team was not particularly good the manager did not appoint any professional players so these records will not surprise anyone.

Individual records: Highest score - 408 not out by John Hiller for Kent II v Essex (1972). Lowest score - 1 (or 0 according to some sources) by Albert Trott for Essex vs Nottinghamshire (1877).

Which is the best online record of cricket?

The ACS Online Cricket Records Section, which is updated daily and covers first-class cricket, Test cricket, List A, Twenty20, and women's international cricket, as well as some minor cricket records, is a digitised version of Cricket: A Weekly Record of the Game, the magazine that ran from 1882 to 1914.

Some records are broken every few years. Some records are broken after a few decades. Others are outstanding and appear to be unattainable. But they've been accomplished. For example, consider these five cricket records that should endure the test of time.

What are the West Indies' one-day cricket records?

Individual player lists only contain West Indies matches; games for other teams, like as World XI, are not included. This list is based on the One-Day International cricket record list. Except for "team wins, losses, and draws" and "highest wicket partnerships," the best five records in each category are mentioned. For example, Chris Gayle has the most sixes hit by one player in ODI history with 614.

The West Indies won their first One-Day International match on March 3, 1994, by ten runs against Australia at St John's, Antigua. In that match, Brian Lara scored a century (100 runs) the fastest ever in ODIs, finishing his run fest in just 100 minutes. He was followed by Carl Hooper who finished off the game with an unbeaten 42 off 23 balls. The West Indies went on to win the match by 10 wickets. This is the only ODI match they have played so far.

Their first tournament victory came at the 1995 ICC Cricket World Cup, where they beat India by two runs in the final. The West Indies were undefeated in group stage matches, but lost to England and then South Africa in the next two rounds. However, they still made it to the final by defeating New Zealand in the quarterfinals.

In 2016, Jason Holder became the first captain from the Caribbean to lead the West Indies into an ICC Cricket World Cup Final when they defeated India at Lord's.

What are the world records for T20 cricket?

Twenty20 International records may be found at Twenty20 International Records. This list is based on the records of T20 international cricket. Except for "team wins, losses, and draws" and "highest wicket partnerships," the top five to seven records in each category are listed. These categories are described in more detail below.

The most runs scored in an innings by a player who has been dismissed for a duck is 250, set by AB de Villiers in 2013. The most wickets taken by a player who has been dismissed for a duck is three, achieved by Shane Warne in 2001. The fastest century in a twenty20 international is 100 balls by David Miller in 2017. The best batting average in an innings of fifty or more is 100 by Andrew Symonds in 2007. The highest score chased is 170 runs by Australia vs South Africa at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne in 2015. The most sixes hit in an over is two; it was done twice by Shahid Afridi in 2009. The record holder for the most fours hit in an over is two; it was done twice by Shahid Afridi in 2009.

These records are kept regularly by the official scorer of the game. They are known as "world records."

A world record is a result that has been officially certified by at least one national cricket authority.

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