What AFL teams play in Tasmania?

What AFL teams play in Tasmania?

Tasmanians have had to make do with the North Melbourne Kangaroos and Hawthorn Hawks playing a few "home" games in Hobart and Launceston, for which the Tasmanian government has spent over A $8.5 million every season. The AFL should explore adding a Tasmanian team. There is no better place for football than Tasmania.

The NBL's Hobart Hurricanes currently represent Tasmania in basketball. The Australian Ice Hockey League's Burnie Dockers and Devonport Devils also play out of Hobart and Launceston, respectively.

A new AFL club could be based in Hobart or Launceston. Either city would be suitable locations for a new club because they are both large enough to host professional sports teams and small enough so that competing on an equal footing with the other clubs wouldn't be too difficult.

Hobart was once considered as a possible home for the Brisbane Lions after the now-defunct South Bend Cubs played there from 1988 to 1990. However, this proposal fell through because the Lions wanted a more regional location closer to Victoria.

Launceston was first proposed as a possible site for a new team in 2008 when it was suggested that the then-proposed Gold Coast Suns relocate to Tasmania. However, this proposal found little support from the AFL community and it was later rejected by the then-governor of Queensland, Paul Beattie.

Is there an Australian football team in Tasmania?

There is no Tasmanian franchise in the Australian Football League, although a Tasmanian AFL bid is now underway. Since 1991, Victorian AFL clubs have played AFL Premiership season matches in Tasmania. These are known as the State of Origin games and are not considered full AFL matches.

The Tasmanian Devils were admitted into the National Rugby League (NRL) in 1998. They competed in the first season but failed to make the finals; however, due to financial difficulties they were expelled from the competition at the end of that season's round 20 match against the Brisbane Broncos.

Tasmania has also had two teams participate in the American Football League (AFL). The original AFL team was the Oakland Raiders who moved to Las Vegas in 1960. In 2001, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers joined the league as an expansion team. Both teams remain active today in their respective leagues.

In addition, several Australian rules football clubs have participated in the Tasmanian Football League (TFL), a state-wide competition open to both senior and junior clubs. Many of these clubs also field teams in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL), West Coast Football League (WAFL), and other regional leagues across Australia.

Tasmania has never won the AFL premiership; however, Richmond Football Club has won the most TFL championships with six.

Does Tasmania have an NRL team?

NRL Tasmania (previously the Tasmanian Rugby League) is the organization in charge of governing rugby league in the Australian state of Tasmania. Tasmania is a member of the Australian Rugby League, the country's governing organization. However, unlike most other states, it does not have its own team - instead, it plays as one of eight regional teams in the National Rugby League.

Tasmania joined the national competition in 1995 when the Brisbane Broncos toured Australia. The club withdrew from the competition at the end of that season without having won a game. In 1997, the Melbourne Storm traveled to Hobart and defeated the Broncos 16-14 in front of 15,000 fans at North Hobart Oval. Since then, both clubs have remained inactive while competing in the NRL.

In 2001, news broke that the Titans were seeking applicants for three management positions within the club. One position was listed as being responsible for "identifying and recruiting high performance staff." Another was described as being able to "provide leadership on all levels of the Club including administration, coaching and mentoring of players." The third position was titled Director of Football and was required to identify and recruit coaches who could develop a plan to maximize player potential.

The following year saw the arrival of the first ever Titan's match.

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