Is Vishy Anand rich?

Is Vishy Anand rich?

With Viswanathan Anand reaching a high global rating of one, it is not unexpected that the Indian chess champion has amassed a large fortune over the years. Anand has a net worth of $3 million USD, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Anand was born in Chennai on March 17th, 1969. He is the only child of V. Narayanaswami and Sathyavani Anand. His family's income is estimated to be around $250,000 USD.

Vishwanathan Anand started playing chess at the age of 6 when he learned from his father. He became interested in the game after hearing about Fischer's victories. Anand's parents could not afford to buy him a chess set so he used pieces from an old car wheel to play with.

He began training daily with his father at their home in Thirumalaisamy Nagar in Chennai. The two would stay there for several months at a time practicing various games from different eras. Anand also spent some of his free time reading about famous players of past generations.

In 1985, at the age of 12, he won the World Junior Chess Championship. Two years later, he became the youngest ever world chess champion when he defeated Hungarian Géza Maróti in Milan.

How much is Viswanathan Anand worth?

Net Worth of Viswanathan Anand

Net Worth:$3 Million
Date of Birth:Dec 11, 1969 (51 years old)
Profession:Professional Chess Player

How much was Dev Anand worth?

Dev Anand net worth: Dev Anand was a $50 million net worth Indian actor, director, and producer. Dev Anand's net worth is the result of a successful career in the Hindi film business. Before becoming an actor, Dev Anand worked as a train conductor on the Delhi-Agra mail service; he later transferred to the office staff. In 1955, at the age of 21, he made his acting debut in a small role in the film Mere Apne. The following year, he had a major role in another popular film called Aag ka Dakuj.

Over the next few years, Dev Anand appeared in many more films but never became one of India's most famous actors like others in his generation such as Raj Kapoor or Dilip Kumar. In 1960, he directed his first film which also turned out to be a hit, titled Sabse Bada Roshni.

In 1963, Dev Anand married actress Waheeda Rehman. The couple had two children together: daughter Aruna and son Inder.

After nearly ten years of marriage, Waheeda filed for divorce from Dev Anand in 1973. The following year, she died in a plane crash along with her family members. Dev Anand was not on board because he was already working on the set when the accident occurred.

Is Anand Ahuja a billionaire?

Anand Ahuja's net worth is estimated to be more than $650 million by Wealth Magnet. His previously formed export firm accounts for the majority of his net worth. Shahi Exports' yearly revenue is reported to be $450 million. The company exports medical products such as sutures and syringes. It also sells dental equipment and surgical supplies worldwide.

Ahuja founded Shahi Exports in 1976. He took on the role of president at the young age of 26. Under his leadership, the company expanded its product line from medical instruments used in surgery to include appliances and personal care products. In 1980, Shahi Exports moved its headquarters from Mumbai to New Delhi. By 1985, the company had become one of India's largest exporters of medical devices.

In 1994, Forbes magazine named Ahuja one of the five richest people in India with a net worth of $200 million. The same year, he was ranked number 38 among the world's richest people.

He has been listed on the Fortune 500 list of the US wealthiest companies three times: in 1995, when his net worth was estimated at $200 million; in 2001, when it was noted that his fortune had increased tenfold since 1995; and in 2006, when he was ranked number four with a net worth of $1 billion.

What is the net worth of Anand Mahindra?

1.8 billion US dollars (2021) Anand Mahindra/Wealth-Anand Mahindra, industrialist and entrepreneur was born on August 5, 1949 in Mumbai, India. He has a population of one people living in his country of birth and home country. His father was an engineer who worked for the Indian government and his mother was a teacher. He has two brothers named Rajesh and Rohan. He had his childhood and school days in Bombay (now known as Mumbai). Here he completed his high school from St. Columba's School. After that, he went to University of Delhi to study mechanical engineering but dropped out after one year to come back to Mumbai where his father was working. They moved to Baroda where he started a small tractor business which failed. Then they came back to Mumbai where he started another small tractor company which grew large enough to hire 50 people. In 1990, he decided to quit his job and start an automobile company named AMALFI REYES with $750,000 of his own money. Today, he owns this car company too.

He also has interests in water management, renewable energy, financial services, and education.

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