Is Manu better than the city?

Is Manu better than the city?

In all, the teams have played 185 games in all competitions, with United winning 77, City winning 55, and the remaining 53 being drawn. They are two of England's most successful clubs, having won 94 titles between them: a record 66 for Manchester United and 28 for Manchester City.

The rivalry is especially strong because both clubs are based in Manchester, which is a small city with a population of 1.5 million. The clubs appeal to different groups of fans - City supporters are known as "Mancs" - and each has a famous stadium. Man United play at Old Trafford while City use the Etihad Stadium as their home ground.

However, despite their history of success, both clubs are currently struggling financially. This means that if you're looking to follow either team then you'll need to be prepared for some difficult times when it comes to sports betting.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the match continues to attract large crowds. The latest estimate is that 150,000 people go to see one of these games every week, which makes it one of the biggest events in British sport outside of the Olympics and World Cup.

United vs City is a fixture that has been going on for almost 100 years. It was originally called "The Derby" but this name isn't used any more. Instead, both clubs issue invitations to other teams to come and play them.

Arsenal or Manchester United?

United has won 97 games against Arsenal's 85, with 53 games ending in a tie. Wayne Rooney has scored the most goals in the match (12), while Ryan Giggs has made the most appearances (50). Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have met on 75 occasions, with Ferguson having won 43 times and Wenger's team winning 32 matches.

The record attendance for an Arsenal game is at Highbury, where 150,000 people watched Lionel Messi score in an international match against England in 2006. The record attendance at a Manchester United game is at Old Trafford with 93,500 watching Bobby Charlton score their first goal in the World Cup in 1958. There have been more than two million tickets sold for Premier League games this season.

Manchester United has won the most League titles with 13. They are also the only club to have won the European Cup/Champions League every year since its inception in 1956-57. Arsenal has won the FA Cup five times, more than any other club. It was founded in 1871-72 and the last time they won the FA Cup was in 2014-15. Manchester City and Liverpool have both won the FA Cup twice.

Money League 1: Manchester United 2nd, £149 million; Arsenal 3rd, £91 million.

Which team has beaten Manu the most?

Arsenal has also defeated Manchester United in league play 71 times, which is the most times Manchester United has lost to any team. Manchester United have won 85 of their league matches against Aston Villa, the most of any team. However, due to the fact that they have played more games than others, this statistic may change as more teams join the Premier League.

Manchester City has also defeated Arsenal in the league 11 times, which is the most times either team has been defeated by another club. Liverpool has also lost to Manchester City more times than any other team (8 losses). However, because Manchester City has played more games than others, this statistic may change as more teams join the Premier League.

Tottenham has also beaten Manu the most times with 9 wins out of 10 meetings. They've only lost to Manu once during that time period. Chelsea has also defeated Manu more times than any other team (7 wins).

Finally, Liverpool has also beaten Manu the most times with 6 wins out of 10 meetings.

Chelsea has also defeated Manu United the most times with 7 wins out of 10 meetings. Liverpool has also beaten Manu United more times than any other team (6 wins).

Which team is better, Chelsea or Man City?

Chelsea has won 68 games versus City, who has won 58 of the teams' previous matches, with 40 draws. Chelsea has won three of the past four meetings between the teams. After a goalless draw at Wembley, the clubs met in the 2018/19 English League Cup final, with City winning 4-3 on penalties. Chelsea was eliminated from the UEFA Champions League after losing 1-4 at home to City.

City is currently top of the table ahead of Chelsea. The Blues are second, while Liverpool is third. Chelsea is also undefeated this season, while City has only lost once so far this season.

Chelsea is very strong team and they have good players. They recently signed Eden Hazard from Belgian club Lille for £32 million ($40 million). He will help them out a lot in attacking play. David Luiz also moved to Chelsea from Brazil's Paris Saint-Germain for £45 million ($58 million). Brazilian star Neymar also wanted to join Chelsea but he ended up joining Barcelona instead. However, Chelsea did sign Kylian Mbappe from PSG for £180,000,000 ($225,000) during the summer transfer window. He is a young French striker who can either play as a forward or as a winger.

Man City is another strong team and they have good players as well. They also recently signed Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool for £8.5 million ($10.6 million).

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