Is LeBron more clutch than Kobe?

Is LeBron more clutch than Kobe?

LBJ is a better clutch player than Kobe Bryant... There's no doubt about it. According to ESPN, LBJ has been involved in 54 game-winning or deficit-shifting shots in the last three seasons, which is more than any other player in that time frame. Out of those shots, he's hit 50% (27 of 54). Meanwhile, Bryant has been involved in only 32 such shots over the same period of time and he's made only 15.5% (5 of 32).

Here are the numbers: Bryant has one season with more than one game-winning/deficit-shifting shot (2011-12), while James has three. Of the nine times they've been involved in one such shot each, James has come away with seven wins and two losses. Bryant has one win and one loss when they've been involved in one such shot together.

James is also better at taking over games late. In the fourth quarter and overtime of playoff games over the last three years, James is 16-for-18 (.889) when he has a chance to win or save the lead.

What did Dwyane Wade say about LeBron James?

"Lakers LeBron James," according to Dwyane Wade, is the finest LeBron he's ever seen. Dwyane Wade feels LeBron James' game has no flaws. "Lakers LeBron" is the finest King James he's ever seen, according to the three-time champion. With Wade as his partner, James won back-to-back MVPs and Finals MVPs in 2012 and 2013.

Wade has been a key member of the Miami Heat team that has defeated Los Angeles three times in the past four seasons. He announced his retirement from basketball on Sunday.

James was asked after the Lakers' season-ending loss to the Celtics what he made of Wade's comments. "It sounds like he's saying I have some things to work on, which I do," said James, who will try to lead the Cavaliers to their first NBA championship next season.

Wade has never shied away from criticizing James. But this statement came right after the Heat lost to the Bulls in the 2015 NBA Finals in six games, causing many to believe that played a role in Wade's decision to retire. The following season, when rumors began to spread that James wanted a trade out of Miami, Wade took to Twitter to deny those reports.

But now that he's retired, it seems like Wade has changed his mind about James. It also doesn't help that the Lakers are trying to build a franchise around him.

Who is more skilled, Jordan or Kobe?

Kobe Bryant, according to Kerry Kittles, was a better player than Michael Jordan. "Kobe was a better player than Jordan, but Jordan was more effective." Jordan, on the other hand, was a little more predictable. "With Kobe, you didn't know what he was going to do because he didn't know himself," said Kittles. "With Jordan, you knew what you were getting with him every time he stepped on the court.

He was more skilled, but Jordan was more effective.

Kobe had more talent than Jordan, but Jordan had more passion for the game. This is shown by how much more often and farther away from the basket he would drive compared to Kobe who was more comfortable around the perimeter looking for his shot.

Overall, they are equal in skill but Kobe is less effective because he doesn't love the game like Jordan did. If you asked me which one is the more talented player, I would say yes, Kobe is more talented but it's hard to judge based on just one game. However, if we look at their numbers over an entire season, then Kobe would have an edge because he played more games.

Is LeBron better than MJ?

LeBron James' statistics show that he is a far superior overall basketball player. While Jordan had a higher overall scoring average, LeBron is a more efficient player who shoots better from two and three-point range. LeBron is also a far superior passer and rebounder than Jordan was. However, what makes LeBron different from Jordan is his ability to lead an all-star team to the NBA Finals in his first season with the Cleveland Cavaliers and win the championship last year with 4 years remaining on his contract. This shows that even though James is not going to leave any time soon, he still has some growing up to do before he can be considered one of the greatest players in NBA history.

LeBron's best quality is that he always wants to get better. He studies video of great players such as Michael Jordan and tries to take what they did well and improve upon it. This has made him one of the most complete players in the league today because not only does he have superstar talent, but he also works very hard at his game. LeBron will continue to be ranked as one of the top five players in the league for many years to come.

Is LeBron still the best?

LeBron James is a real candidate for the top two all-time players, and he is still the finest player in the NBA. Expect the Lakers to make another championship push, and James to cement his legacy even more.

Is Paul Pierce better than Kobe?

Despite being both outstanding players, Kobe Bryant has had far more chances to "be clutch" in the playoffs and in the NBA finals. This has resulted in several heroic instances. Paul has had fewer of these opportunities, but he has taken advantage of them more frequently than Kobe. Throughout his career, Paul Pierce has also been a consummate professional. He is well-respected by his teammates and coaches, and he sets an excellent example for young players.

Kobe Bryant is considered by many to be not only the best player in the world, but also one of the greatest ever. He has won five championships so far, all with the Los Angeles Lakers, and is one victory away from tying Michael Jordan's record of six titles. Kobe has also received many other awards throughout his career, including the MVP award four times.

However, there are people who believe that Paul Pierce is a better player than Kobe. They claim that he has a greater impact on his team's success and that he plays with more passion than his rival.

It is true that Paul Pierce has achieved more than just a great player. He is a winner who has always played hard every minute he was on the court. He has also earned the respect of his peers through his work ethic and professionalism. These are all admirable traits that make him a great player and person.

Kobe Bryant has also done everything possible to succeed.

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