Is it true that Messi has never won an international championship?

Is it true that Messi has never won an international championship?

Messi, in fact, has never won an international trophy. He was eliminated in the finals of both the Copa America and the World Cup. Meanwhile, Ronaldo guided Portugal to the 2016 European Championship title. The two players are very close friends and have been since they were teenagers playing for Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively.

Ronaldo is now one of the most sought-after players in world football, with many believing he should have been awarded the FIFA World Player of the Year award instead of Muller in 2011. With his contract with Real Madrid running out at the end of the season, many have speculated that Ronaldo will leave the club after eight seasons in order to join Juventus or another Italian club.

However, just like Muller, Ronaldo also has a history of injury problems that have limited his availability over the years. In 2009, he missed nearly half of Madrid's games due to a knee injury. Last year, he underwent surgery on his other knee. Despite being fit and healthy, Ronaldo has still not signed a new deal with Madrid and may decide to move abroad if Juventus make an offer he can't refuse.

In conclusion, neither Muller nor Ronaldo have ever won an international title but they are very successful players who have helped their respective clubs win several trophies. If it weren't for them, they would not be ranked as high as they are today.

Has Messi won any international trophies?

Messi has reached three Copa America finals and one World Cup final, all of which he has lost. He did, however, have an Olympic gold medal and an Under-20 World Cup medal. Additionally, he is the current world player of the year and league leader in goals.

He has been named to the Argentina national team 50 times, more than any other player. He has won every major individual award available to him, including two FIFA World Player of the Year awards.

Argentina's coach when they were last in the quarterfinals of the World Cup was Diego Maradona; Messi played under him at Barcelona. The country has never gone beyond the group stage of the tournament.

In terms of club trophies, only La Liga has eluded him so far. However, he did win the UEFA Champions League with Barcelona in 2015. He is currently trying to win his third consecutive European Golden Shoe award.

After his first two seasons with Barcelona, in which he scored 81 goals in 110 games, many considered him to be the best player in the world. He ended up winning the PFA Players' Player of the Year award for two consecutive years from 2009 to 2010.

When did Messi and Ronaldo play in the World Cup?

Ronaldo and Messi are the only players to have never won a World Cup. Messi did lead Argentina to the 2014 World Cup final, but they were defeated by Germany. Ronaldo's deepest World Cup run came in 2006, when Portugal reached the semifinals. Both Ronaldo and Messi competed in their first World Cup in 2006.

Messi is also one of very few players to have participated in at least one World Cup final every year since his debut in 2000. He was part of the Argentine team that lost in the final to Brazil in 2015, as well as last year's quarterfinal defeat to Germany.

Ronaldo made his debut in 2002, and he has been part of the Portuguese squad ever since. In addition to competing in two World Cup finals, Ronaldo has also won the UEFA Champions League three times. The other player who has done this is Barcelona's Lionel Messi, who has won the trophy four times.

There have been many great players in world football, but only five men have won the "Triple Crown" of soccer: Alfredo Di Stéfano, Gerd Mueller, Pele, Maradona, and Messi. They are the only men to have won the European Footballer of the Year award, the FIFA World Player Award, and the Ballon d'Or.

Di Stefano won the European Footballer of the Year award in 1957 and 1958.

Messi or Ronaldo has won the most UCL titles.?

He had the biggest success with Real, where he won 15 titles. Notably, Ronaldo has five more UCL titles than Messi. Messi has won 34 titles throughout his time with Barcelona. He has won 10 La Liga crowns, seven Copa del Reys, seven Spanish Super Cups, four Champions Leagues, three UEFA Super Cups, and three FIFA Club World Cups. Ronaldo has won 33 trophies in all, two less than Messi.

Ronaldo is the highest goal scorer with 212 goals in all competitions. He is followed by Messi with 200 goals. They are both record breakers and have never been beaten by a player else where. Ronaldo has scored at least one goal in every game he has played during his career. Meanwhile, Messi has only missed three games in his entire career. He has also been involved in almost every single action while on the pitch which is why he is considered as one of the best players in the world.

They both were born in August 29th, 1987, in Argentina. However, they have different styles of playing football. While Ronaldo is a complete striker who can also play as a winger, Messi is a creative midfielder who can also take shots from outside the box. Both of them have been selected for their national teams several times. Ronaldo has been chosen 51 times for Argentina while Messi has been called up 49 times for Argentina.

Currently, they both are still active players and play for their clubs Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Juventus.

Did Messi ever win a World Cup?

This statistic displays the total amount of trophies won by soccer player Lionel Messi across all competitions. Lionel Messi's domestic trophy haul as of 2020, organized by tournament.

CharacteristicNumber of titles
Copa del Rey6
Champions League4
FIFA Club World Cup3
UEFA Super Cup3

Why did Lionel Messi never win the World Cup?

Lionel Messi will never win the World Cup since he does not represent a country. The World Cup is just for countries, and soccer is not a one-player sport. Maybe he's vital to his team, but that's about all. One person is not enough; they must also work as a team.

Messi has been involved in every one of Argentina's games at this year's World Cup, including their opening match against France, but he has no chance of winning the Golden Ball as player of the tournament. The winner is selected by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) members with votes being based on criteria such as performance over the course of the tournament. In addition to being a member nation, a player must be listed on the official squad list to be considered for the award.

It's possible that Messi could be voted best player by other players or media members, but the fact remains that he is not eligible to win the award due to him not being born in a country. If he were born in Spain, for example, he would be qualified to play for Argentina since he has represented them at an early age.

Furthermore, even if he had been born in another country, he would still not be able to compete with the greats of world soccer who have been born in country after country.

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