Is IPL postponed until 2021?

Is IPL postponed until 2021?

A senior BCCI official told PTI on Tuesday that the postponed Indian Premier League will start provisionally on September 18 or 19 in the UAE, with as many as 10 double-headers anticipated to be played over a three-week period. The final might take place on October 9 or 10.

The official said the decision to postpone the season was taken after taking into consideration the concerns of players and teams about travelling during the coronavirus outbreak. He added that it was also done to allow for more time to find a resolution to the issues facing the league.

"The season has been postponed. It will start either on September 18 or 19 depending on where we stand with the dates with the Emirates Authority for Sport and Youth (EASDY) and whether they are willing to change them," BCCI president Anurag Thakur told reporters at the Board's headquarters in Mumbai. "We don't want to put our teams and players at any risk so we have taken this decision."

Thakur added that the Board is yet to receive any communication from EASDY confirming their willingness to host the matches but said that they hope to have something by Wednesday evening at the latest. He also said that the Board is considering its options including playing some of the matches abroad if necessary.

Is IPL 2021 behind closed doors?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 was canceled indefinitely on Tuesday due to an increase of COVID-19 instances among clubs. IPL 2021 was conducted behind closed doors in India, as the country battled the second wave of the feared illness. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced the decision at a press conference.

This is because several teams have lost some of their members due to COVID-19 infections. This includes Delhi Capitals, who had two of their three players test positive for the virus. Kings XI Punjab also had one of their members test positive for the virus. These are the only two teams that withdrew from the tournament.

Kings XI Punjab were scheduled to play Chennai Super Kings on March 20. However, the match was canceled after it was discovered that one of their members had tested positive for the virus. CSK won't be participating in the remaining matches of the season either since they have already secured their place in the next year's edition. This leaves them with no choice but to withdraw from the current campaign.

Delhi Capitals played Royal Bangalore Lions on March 18. But just like CSK, they too withdrew from the remainder of the tournament after one of their members tested positive for the virus. The Lions were supposed to play Chennai Super Kings on March 20 but also withdrew from that game too.

Which is the last season of IPL in India?

The Indian Premier League's thirteenth season will take place from September 19 through November 9, 2020. There will be no more IPL franchises than the eight that competed in the previous season. The Mumbai Indians are the reigning champions, having won the IPL for the fourth time in 2019. They also hold the record for the most IPL titles won by a single franchise. The IPL schedule is now available. All matches will be played either at the given stadium or else at a replacement venue if the original stadium cannot be used because of lack of capacity or other reasons.

In 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) started a new tradition by introducing two new prizes to the game: one for the winner of the tournament and another called the Champions League. The winner of the Champions League gets $1 million while the runner-up gets $100,000. In its first three seasons, the IPL took place with four teams but this changed in 2010 when the number of teams was reduced to three. However, in 2012, the number of teams returned to four again. In 2016, the Chennai Super Kings withdrew from the league due to financial problems. This year, the two remaining teams - the Delhi Daredevils and the Royal Challengers Bangalore - played all their home games away from home because of the coronavirus outbreak. But both the teams announced before the start of the season that they would like to continue playing in future editions too.

As far as format is concerned, each team plays only the others once during the course of the season.

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