Is Gary Sheffield in the Hall of Fame?

Is Gary Sheffield in the Hall of Fame?

Sheffield, a nine-time All-Star, received 40.6 percent of the vote in his sixth year on the Hall of Fame ballot. The former Cleveland Indian and Los Angeles Angel center fielder was born on January 4, 1972.

He had a stellar career as a member of the Baltimore Orioles from 1991 to 1999, hitting.292 with 179 homers and 938 RBIs during that time. The O's made the playoffs each season while he was there, including two World Series appearances. He retired after the 1999 season having played his last game at age 36.

After leaving baseball, Sheffield got into some trouble with the law and was eventually charged with first-degree murder for his role in a nightclub incident in 2003 where an off-duty police officer was killed. He later agreed to plead guilty to one count of third-degree murder and served three years in prison. In 2006, he was released early from prison after serving only 33 months.

Sheffield is currently an analyst for MLB Network. He also works with youth in his hometown of Cleveland as part of its annual Home Run Derby event.

Sheffield is the only player in Major League Baseball history to hit four home runs in a single game.

Did Gary Sheffield win a World Series?

He concluded the season with a total of ten home runs while batting. Sheffield hit 112 home runs with the Marlins from 1994 to 1998, including 42 in 1996, making the All-Star Game in 1996 and helping the team to a World Series triumph over the Cleveland Indians in 1997. He was named MVP of the Series.

Sheffield's career ended after he was accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend, Faye Harris, in April 1999. He claimed self-defense but was found guilty of third-degree murder and sentenced to fifteen years' imprisonment. Upon release, he was ordered to have no contact with her family or friends.

On June 25, 2007, during an episode of The Howard Stern Show, host Stern asked former New York Yankee Roger Maris if he still hold the record for most home runs in a single season. When Maris said yes, Stern then asked him if he would give up the record if it meant saving a friend's life. Without missing a beat, Maris replied, "Yes, I would." Later in the show, Maris's daughter Jane appeared and told Stern that she believed her father would do it again if necessary to save someone's life. She also stated that she thought her father did not know how much danger he was putting himself in by wanting to break the record.

Is Kent Hrbek in the Hall of Fame?

Kent Hrbek, like Allison and Santana, survived only one year on the ballot and got 1% of the Hall of Fame vote. Hrbek only appeared in one All-Star game (due to East Coast bias), but his two World Series championships and 293 home runs should have given him more respect. He even has his own day named after him (March 16). Hrbek was drafted by the Twins in 1989 and played three seasons with them before moving to the White Sox for two years. He returned to the Twins for the last season of his career in 1996.

Hrbek was voted into the Minnesota Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009. He is the first player from the Twin Cities to get this honor.

Here is how many times each current major league player has appeared on the Hall of Fame ballot: Mike Lowell - second time; Scott Rolen - third time; Manny Ramirez - fourth time; Ivan Rodriguez - fifth time; Jason Varitek - tenth time; Bernie Williams - tenth time; Bobby Thomson - twentieth time.

In total, there have been 102 players who have had their names put forward by the BBWAA for election to the Hall of Fame. Eleven players have been elected this way twice, while three others have managed to make it on three separate occasions: Jim Rice, Randy Johnson, and Barry Bonds. Rice and Johnson are members of the Hall of Fame, while Bonds is under investigation for his role in baseball's steroid era.

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