Is Fiora S-tier?

Is Fiora S-tier?

Fiora Build 11.11 is an A-Tier contender for the Toplane position in Season 11. This champion presently has a 51.5 percent win rate (average), a 3.68 percent pick rate (high), and a 1.42 percent ban rate (medium). She also has positive ratings from all but one of her categories, indicating that she is a well-rounded champion with many uses.

Fiora's kit provides her with strong early game power and lane control tools that can easily turn the tide of battle. Her Q allows her to initiate fights and remove threats from afar, while W is a powerful stun button that can be used to secure crucial kills or stop enemy attacks dead in their tracks. E is a long range spell that can be used to catch enemies off guard or clear out brush for your allies.

Fiora is considered by many to be the best top laner in the world right now, and it's not hard to see why. Her kit allows her to do everything from peel for her carry teammates to engage opponents head on, and she always manages to keep her presence felt across the map through skillful use of her abilities.

Is Fiora a good champion?

Fiora is a top-lane beast and a wonderful complement to any squad seeking to deliver massive damage. Her low skill ceiling combined with her superb synergy make her an ideal asset to any squad. She's easy to play and easy to master, making her a great choice for beginners or pros looking for a challenge.

Fiora is a melee champion that uses her sword to slay her enemies. As with many melee champions, hitting the enemy champion hard and fast is important in order to deal maximum damage. However, since Fiora has no true escape mechanism, she requires careful positioning in order to avoid getting ganked by more powerful opponents.

Additionally, because Fiora cannot attack while silenced, she must wait until she is no longer deafened before attacking again. This can be problematic if she is caught by surprise during a duel because she has no way to react quickly enough to most attacks.

However, since most melee champions are weak against other ranged characters, this advantage can be used to your team's benefit. For example, if you're facing off against an AP carry like Thresh or Varus, it may be best to fight them close to their turret so they cannot use their abilities freely. This allows you to focus all your energy on killing them instead of being distracted by their teammates.

Is Fiora a good top laner?

Fiora. Fiora has the greatest skill floor of any top laner we'll suggest, but she's a difficult matchup in low elo since players won't know how to play around her vitals. This implies that as players master her, she grows more effective, making her an excellent choice for learning. Her active, hook-centric style makes her a perfect fit for the bruiser meta and allows her to contribute heavily in teamfights. However, at higher levels of play, her lack of lockdown capabilities make her a poor choice in competitive matches.

In short, Fiora is a great top laner to learn. She has one of the lowest skill floors of any top laner, so if you struggle with her, it will be easy to improve your gameplay. However, due to her inability to shut down opponents, she is not a good choice for competitive play.

Does Fiora counter Shen?

In 41.2 percent of her games, Fiora is forced to confront Shen. Fiora, on the other hand, has done a bad job at opposing Shen. She usually wins 49.0 percent of the games the champs play against each other. Fiora's team is 0.0 percent more likely to get first blood in Fiora vs. Shen matchups.

Fiora is not designed for competitive play. She has no real escape mechanism and can be killed by any attack that connects. This makes her extremely susceptible to ganks from the jungler or support role players who can manipulate the map layout with teardowns. Even if she manages to survive these ganks, Fiora has no way to retaliate because all of her abilities are physical.

The best way to use Fiora is as a complement to another champion. Her ulti can be used to escape ganks or to reset the map if your team needs to regroup after losing a fight. As a standalone champion, she is unlikely to succeed because she lacks any kind of reliable way to deal damage.

Does Fiora work late?

It works fine. Unless you are plat or higher, your opponents will almost certainly be good enough to punish you severely. She doesn't provide much to a team from the mid lane, but she does a good job. Fiora mid is an excellent flex option.

Who wins Riven vs. Fiora?

In 34.7 percent of her games, Riven is compelled to confront Fiora. Unfortunately, Riven has struggled to defeat Fiora. Riven wins 47.0 percent of the matches in which the champions face each other. Riven's team is 4.0 percent less likely to get first blood in Riven against Fiora matchups.

Fiora is more likely to win the first blood duel 71.4 percent of the time. But this percentage goes down when Riven is on the opposing team - probably because Riven can use her abilities to avoid fighting directly with Fiora. When it comes down to it, then, Riven can be avoided if you're looking to score first.

Riven is a champion that favors taking the fight to the enemy. If you want to win Riven matches, you should do the same. This means that if Fiora gets first blood, you should go for the kill immediately after.

If you look at the statistics, they show that Riven is better at defending than attacking. This is because she has many opportunities to dodge attacks and find open spaces on the map where she can set up her maneuvers. However, if you are playing as Fiora, you will have more success by rushing in and trying to hit Riven with multiple punches before she has a chance to react.

Overall, Riven is a good choice for new players who want to challenge themselves through ranked games.

Does fizz counter sylas?

Fizz performs an excellent job of defeating Sylas. Fizz typically wins 54.0 percent of the matches in which the champs compete. Blastoise gets destroyed by Fizz in a match that ended 3-1.

Does fizz counter Katarina?

Fizz has done an excellent job at opposing Katarina. Normally, he wins a whopping 56.0 percent of the bouts in which the champions square off. Fizz's side is 1.0 percent more likely to score first blood in Fizz's against Katarina's rounds. He also prevents her from getting killed by her opponent's attacks - if Katarina gets hit by anything during their match, it will only do minimal damage.

Katarina's chances of winning don't seem very high with Fizz around. However, this doesn't mean that you should put your money on Katarina to win. Fizz can take any champion down a notch with his abilities - especially ones as powerful as Katarina's. It's possible that Katarina could win some, but not enough to make much difference in the long run.

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