Is Amari Cooper a good fantasy pick?

Is Amari Cooper a good fantasy pick?

2019 Recap Cooper enjoyed perhaps his greatest season in his six-year career last year. He concluded the season with 79 catches for 1,189 yards, eight touchdowns, and 246.5 fantasy points. Surprisingly, this was Amari Cooper's highest fantasy average of his career.

More importantly, it was also the highest total score since his rookie season. Many thought that Cooper would collapse after an inconsistent start to 2018 when he recorded under 50 yards in each of his first four games. However, he finished the season strong as one of the top five receivers in terms of points per game.

Cooper is coming off back-to-back 100-catch seasons for the first time in his career. He also scored at least nine times in each of those years. Despite rumors of discord in Oakland's locker room, general manager Mike Mayock said that there is "no drama" in Oakland. Head coach Jon Gruden echoed these comments, saying that there is no issue between Cooper and the team.

In fact, both Cooper and Gruden praised their relationship after the season. They even went as far to say that they are friends outside of football. With all this positive feedback surrounding Cooper, it makes sense why many consider him to be a top-five receiver for 2019.

Amari Cooper has always been considered a high-risk/high-reward player.

How many passes did Amari Cooper drop?

Amari Cooper's 9.5 drops per season may seem excessive, but when compared to his contemporaries, he is on par with two of the finest wide receivers in the NFL. He will need to improve his concentration if he wants to continue being selected in the top five picks of the draft.

Cooper has a history of losing focus during games, especially early on. This year was no different. After dropping three passes in his first game against South Alabama, coaches decided it was time for a change. They moved him to the opposite side of the field where they thought his talent would be better utilized.

While most people believe moving him to the other side of the field was a good decision, there are others who say it was too late to switch gears. Either way you look at it, Cooper only caught four passes for 46 yards after coaches switched him to the other side of the field. He will need to work on focusing while playing across from someone like Dez Bryant if he wants to continue being selected in the top five picks of the draft.

Is Amari Cooper a top 10 receiver?

Cooper, according to one coordinator, is "top ten in his sleep" with "effortless" ability, which is the issue. He is tenth, yet he should be sixth. "Something is holding him back," one NFL personnel executive said. "He was the best receiver on the market, but I refused to sign him." Another NFC assistant coach agreed: "Amari is as good if not better than anyone we have left [at No. 10]. It's just a matter of putting it all together for him."

When Cooper does put it together, he can do some amazing things. He has game-changing speed (4.48 seconds in the 40-yard dash), and he can beat defenders after the catch because of it. However, he also has a history of inconsistency during games, sometimes playing great ball and other times seeming confused about what the defense is doing or failing to see targets that are right in front of him.

Cooper has only played in 12 games over the past two seasons because of injuries, but when he was on the field, he always proved to be one of the most dynamic players in football. He averaged nearly 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns over that span. Unfortunately, those numbers would be considered average or even below-average for most receivers.

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