How old is everyone in the last Olympian?

How old is everyone in the last Olympian?

He is 14 at the start of the novel and 15 at the conclusion when he gets his birthday celebration. At the conclusion, he mentions his birthdate as August 18. 95 percent of the book is written in paragraphs of 15 words or less. He reaches the age of sixteen at the conclusion. This means that at the beginning of the novel, he is approximately seven years old and at the end of the story he will have been exposed to life for eight years.

In reality, Athens was a city of immigrants. The majority of its population were slaves who had been captured in wars and sold into slavery. Only free people were allowed to vote for officials called "kings" and "lords". The rest of the time, they had to work on plantations or in factories. In these circumstances, it isn't surprising that most Greeks were only interested in living their daily lives and trying to find happiness; they had no interest in politics or in the affairs of other countries.

Most Greeks lived in small villages or towns. They often didn't even know their neighbors' names! In Athens, there were more than a hundred streets but only twenty-three houses on each street. People just knew which house belonged to which family member based on their colors or designs on the door. There were no addresses or phone numbers because there were no phones or computers.

At school, children started learning how to write at the age of five.

How old was Percy at the end of The Last Olympian?

Fifteen Percy Jackson: The primary character and narrator of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is Percy Jackson. In The Last Olympian, he is fifteen years old and the son of Poseidon. He bathes in the River Styx, like Luke and Achilles did, and becomes invincible. This changes when Zeus sends him to save Camp Half-Blood against the monsters that plague the world after midnight.

Percy Jackson is a middle school student in Los Angeles. He has two siblings: his sister Annabeth and his brother Jason. They live with their mother, Gloria, who is a former Olympic gold medalist in archery. She now works as a freelance photographer. Their father, Poseidon, is the God of the Sea and the ruler of the underwater kingdom of Naxos. Before he left to fight the Titan Prometheus for the honor of defeating him, he instructed Gloria and her friends to protect Percy and keep him safe.

In The Last Olympian book series, written by Rick Riordan, we learn about Percy's past and how he became an orphan at a very young age. His parents were killed by the Minotaur while on a mission for King Aegeus of Athens. Since then, he has been living with his aunt Greta and her husband, Tom Harris. They treat him as if he was their own son until he turns fourteen.

How old is Nico in the Last Olympian?

I am a twelve-year-old girl. In this novel, Nico, the Last Olympian, is twelve years old. To gain an advantage over the Titans, his notion is to make Percy invincible by having him wash in the River Styx, a tale similar to that of Achilles. However, when the opportunity presents itself, he decides to fight against his friend and help save humanity.

He was born on December 25th, 1984, in New York City. His parents are Lysander and Cassandra Piper. He has two older sisters: Aphrodite and Athena. As far as he knows, his family is only alive because Zeus decided to protect them by not allowing them to be killed by the Titans during their annual battle.

Nico always wanted to meet other gods like himself but never thought it would happen so soon after being released from prison. Even though he's a god, he still goes to school with everyone else. He's currently in fifth grade at Athens Academy. His favorite class is English because he loves reading novels and plays. He also enjoys music, especially rock music.

In the beginning of 2012, after saving Percy from certain death, Nico was given the task of protecting him from the other heroes-to-be during their annual training session. He agreed to do this because he knew that if Percy were to get hurt or killed, it would be enough to destroy him.

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