How much is the Topps Traded Tiffany rookie card worth?

How much is the Topps Traded Tiffany rookie card worth?

Despite the fact that his career has been marred by controversy. You might be astonished to find that his Topps Traded Tiffany rookie card is now worth $1,100. Despite the fact that his nomination for the Baseball Hall of Fame is in doubt, this may be a fine card to have.

The card features a photo of Tiffany on the front with his biography and statistics on the back. The card was issued between 1947-1949 during which time Topps produced several variations of the card. These include color, black & white and glossy versions. This particular card is from the 1948 version and is valued at $450-$500.

Tiffany's career was marked by controversy due to accusations of steroid use. In 1996, he admitted to using steroids during his playing days. However, he said it was common practice at the time and insisted that he had never broken any rules.

In 2001, he was one of 14 players who were banned from Major League Baseball for using performance-enhancing drugs. He returned to the league in 2002 after serving a 30-day suspension and played until 2004 when he retired due to health concerns related to hip replacement surgery. His final season saw him play in only 66 games as he battled injuries.

After his retirement, he became involved in business dealings with some other former baseball stars including Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco.

How much is a 1986 Topps Tiffany baseball card worth?

Despite his lack of durability in athletics, there is one item that has stood the test of time: his 1986 Topps Tiffany Traded baseball card. According to the PSA Card website, it is presently valued $2,250. Given how brief his career was, that is rather astounding. It is estimated that he lost over 50 games due to injuries.

Tiffany's card is #852 of 4500 issued by Topps. The card features a photo taken before the start of the season with him wearing number 8. He then went on to have a great season, finishing with 28 homers and 99 RBIs while playing all over the field. The card is autographed and also includes a small article about him being named the National League MVP.

After the season, he had surgery on his right shoulder to repair some damaged ligaments. This ended his season and possibly his career as well since he never played another game again. However, even with the lack of longevity, his card still carries considerable value because of his short career.

How much are 1987 Topps rookie baseball cards worth?

Topps 1987 On eBay, a Barry Larkin PSA 10 Tiffany sold for $521. Topps 1987 Tiffany, a Nolan Ryan PSA 10, sold for $150 on eBay. This is a fantastic video that breaks down every amazing rookie card from the 1980s, year by year. He begins in 1980 and continues through all of them. This diligent and experienced baseball card collector has done an excellent job. These cards are now worth millions of dollars.

The average price per card is $10,000. There are about 100 cards in all. Most people think they're worth more but it's actually not true. A few rare cards with unique variations or errors may be worth more but most are worth what someone will pay for them.

Here are the prices listed on eBay for each card:

Barry Larkin - PSA 9-rated copy sold for $45,250 in 2011

Nolan Ryan - PSA 9-rated copy sold for $7,750 in 2008

Ken Griffey Jr - PSA 9-rated copy sold for $64,500 in 2010

Mike Tyson - PSA 9-rated copy sold for $19,900 in 2009

Roberto Clemente - PSA 9-rated copy sold for $32,700 in 2011

Robin Yount - PSA 9-rated copy sold for $35,200 in 2011

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