How much is a Michael Jordan-signed basketball worth?

How much is a Michael Jordan-signed basketball worth?

Still, your autographed Michael Jordan basketball is a valuable piece of sports memorabilia valued around $1,400. It might be one of the only ways to obtain some original equipment from when MJ played in Chicago.

The value of your signed basketball depends on several factors, such as how famous you are, where you signed it, and its condition. If you had enough confidence in this article to buy it then please consider that which action figure is most valuable? Superman or Batman? That's right, Superman. He's more valuable than Batman.

Here's how much each of these items are worth:

Autographed Basketball by Michael Jordan - $12,000-$15,000

To put this price tag into perspective, an autographed NBA ball is worth about $6,000 while an autographed baseball is only worth about $7,500. Even though basketball is a less popular sport than baseball, athletes are much more likely to sign autos of themselves with success stories attached to them. For example, an auto of Kobe Bryant will always be worth more than an auto of Dwyane Wade because he has more career victories over more different teams.

How much is a signed Michael Jordan picture worth?

A autographed picture of Michael Jordan is valued between $150 and $250. Larger and more desirable images, as well as basketball-related photos, will get higher prices. Autographs are considered to be among the most valuable in all of sports memorabilia.

Photos are still available today because people like mine Michael's photographs. There are three types of photos: full body, head and shoulders and action shots. Photos of full bodies are the most valuable while head and shoulder photos are the least valuable.

Action photos capture a moment in time. They can also be called "one-of-a-kind" photos because they show Michael giving a thumbs up or holding up a hand with a number 7 on it (to this day, no one else has done this). These photos are the most expensive of all photo types.

Photos of players when they were young, before they became famous, are the most sought after by collectors. These are called "before photos." The earlier the better; pre-1960s is best.

Photos of players taken during their careers but after they stopped playing basketball are called "post-playing career photos." These include photos taken at charity events or with non-basketball companies.

Is Michael Jordan's memorabilia worth anything?

Michael Jordan-Signed Air Jordan 1s are up for auction on eBay for $1 million. Sports memorabilia is in high demand these days. We just discovered a pair of signed Air Jordan 1s priced for an eye-opening $1 million, just days after a rare Michael Jordan rookie card sold for a record-breaking $738,000. The auction starts at 10 a.m. EST on Wednesday, February 20.

The shoes feature the signature "Air" logo on the heel and red, white, and blue accents. They were worn by Jordan when he played with the Chicago Bulls from 1991 to 2004. He then went on to win six NBA championships with the Bulls.

This is not the first time that we have seen a set of Michael Jordan signed shoes sell for such a high price. A pair of signed Converse sneakers sold for $500,000 in November 2015.

So, would you pay $1 million for a set of signed Michael Jordan shoes?

Jordan was one of the most famous athletes in the world during his playing career. His popularity continues to grow as an owner/president of basketball team, Nike, and other businesses.

His influence on sports marketing and fashion has also grown over time. In 2007, Forbes estimated his annual income at $80 million.

Where can I buy a Michael Jordan jersey?

Purchase on eBay. Despite the fact that game-used gear is becoming scarce, Michael Jordan's signed basketball memorabilia remains popular. Collectors wishing to buy autographed basketballs or jerseys have fewer alternatives because to an exclusive agreement with Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA).

In 2004, UDA began issuing cards featuring photos of players taken during their careers. These are called Legends Cards and they are only available through UDA's website. The price for each card is $10 but there are other charges for shipping and handling so overall the cards are not cheap. There are two types of cards issued by UDA: one type is signed by the player and the other type is unsigned. Only players who have retired will not sign their own card but this does not mean that it is impossible to get a signed card from them. For example, Scottie Pippen has signed several cards through UDA.

If you want to buy a signed card but don't want to pay the high prices, try to find signed games or balls. A lot of collectors focus only on signed basketballs because they believe that these items are worth more but this is not true. Autographed photos or posters are also popular with collectors who wish to add them to their collections.

As far as jerseys are concerned, there are three places where you can buy them: online, at NBA games and at sports stores.

How much is an autographed Michael Jordan card worth?

A Michael Jordan autographed card sells for $1.44 million. A autographed Michael Jordan card was worth $1.9 million in 2004. The highest price ever paid for a sports card is for a 1923 Al Lary card of Babe Ruth that sold for $225,000 in 2003.

An autographed basketball card is worth more than an autographed baseball card or an autographed football card because basketball cards are rarer and more valuable. Also, people think he's really good at basketball so they want to have his card sign it.

Basketball cards were first issued by the American Tobacco Company in 1952. They were called "junkets" and were given away with cigarettes. In 1955, basketball became a sanctioned sport at the Olympic Games. So issues of basketball cards at this time become more prestigious and expensive.

In 1973, Topps produced its first set of basketball cards. These cards are very important because they're the ones that started the hype about players before they came into their own. Before these cards, most players were not famous at all outside of their home cities. But now many players have become stars thanks to the efforts of card manufacturers to make sure their cards are never out of stock and that they keep improving them over time.

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