How much is a Greg Maddux PSA 9 worth?

How much is a Greg Maddux PSA 9 worth?

The opposite is of mediocre quality, with only a few statistics and no quotation. Maddux is shown in the photograph after committing to a hard throw. A PSA 9 just sold for just under $225, so depending on the final grade, it's worth a decent sum.

The highest-quality Greg Maddux baseball has a value far beyond its price tag. In 2011, a rare PSA 9+ condition score was given to this ball, which is estimated to be worth $350,000 to $500,000.

It's not easy finding high-end examples of any sports product, let alone baseball cards. But there are a few extremely rare cards that do reach the market from time to time. One of the most famous pairs of baseball cards comes from the original set issued by Topps in 1992. This is the only card from that set that has ever been certified by PSA/DNA as being truly complete and unaltered. It is also one of the most valuable cards in sports history. The other card in the pair is very likely destroyed because it had an autograph on it that could have been forged.

The highest-graded copy of this card is estimated to be worth $450,000 to $600,000. It's still possible to find copies of this card for sale online if you search hard enough, but they usually go for well over $100,000.

How much is a Pete Rose PSA 10 worth?

Only 30 of the almost 5,000 samples submitted to PSA have gotten PSA 9 grades, and there is only one PSA 10 example in the hobby. The PSA 10 was last auctioned off in 2016 for a stunning $717,000.

The number 9 condition grade indicates that this sample has less than 9% overall surface wear, with most areas of the card being free of any markings. Small stains are acceptable, as long as they do not affect grade. The front of this card is bright white, while the back is pale yellow-green. Both sides of the card are completely unmarked.

This is the first Joe DiMaggio baseball card I will be offering for sale. He is without a doubt the greatest hitter of all time, so it's only natural that this card would be very rare. This particular example is graded PSA 10+ by PCGS, which means it meets or exceeds the highest standards of quality for these cards. It also has the unique distinction of being the only PSA 10 ever issued.

DiMaggio entered his name on 856 career regular season games played, making him the longest tenured player in MLB history. In addition to his career batting title, he finished second three times, leading the league in hits four times, runs scored twice, doubles twice, triples once, stolen bases five times, and total bases once.

How much is a Tony Dorsett PSA worth?

PSA Gem Mint 10 (APR: $443.00) has been awarded to 43 of the entries, while 260 others have received PSA Mint 9 designation. This is his second most strongly weighted card (3.50). Here are the current industry average auction prices for the card in three different PSA grades: Mint 10 - $1,750-$2,500Mint 9 - $125-175Near Mint 10 - $40-60

When PSA began grading cards in 1994, they were only given nine levels from Mint 8 on up. In 1997, the company added a grade below Mint 7 called About Uncirculated (AU$), which was intended to represent cards that were almost entirely uncirculated. In 2001, PSA introduced the term "Gem" to describe a card that is fully preserved with no signs of wear and tear.

In 2004, PSA revised its scale back down to eight grades instead of nine. The lowest grade now is About Uncirculated, but it used to be called Near Mint 6. Cards that are only slightly worn away from use will sometimes sell for higher prices than more pristine examples because of their "interesting history."

In addition to setting standards for quality, PSA also sets standards for design. Their choice of designs for their graded cards includes both popular characters and less well-known athletes. A card's rating can help determine its value.

How much is a PSA graded football card worth?

Star Cards PSA Graded, 1951-1975 Morphy Auctions sold it for $850. (October 2017). The condition of your football cards plays a significant role in deciding their value. The most precise approach to determine the condition is to send the cards to a professional grading agency.

In the 1990 Pro Set, he was ranked 685th. PSA 10 Emmitt Smith Rookie Card Estimated Value: $120 Emmitt Smith, the game's all-time leading rusher, is featured on his Pro Set rookie card raking up part of his 18,355 career running yards versus division foe Washington.

How much is a PSA 10 baseball card worth?

PSA 10 specimens of the Donruss card are valued around $50, making the highest grade leaf variant worth around three times as much. Another immediately identifiable collection, the 1987 Topps baseball cards, had woodgrain borders similar to the Topps cards from 1962.

1987 Topps # 648 PSA 10 Barry Larkin Rookie Card Estimated Value: $100 Check out Amazon's pricing. While Ozzie Smith was the era's best shortstop, Larkin was no slouch either.

How much does a PSA 9 Nolan Ryan card cost?

PSA 9 graded cards often retail for roughly $40, while PSA 10s can fetch more than $1,000. Here are the industry average auction prices for the card in three different PSA grades: With such a long career, there are enough of Ryan cards to satisfy collectors.

But, as we'd later find, he was also involved in the PED controversy, and his image would suffer as a result. In mint condition, his rookie card is still worth roughly $20. The 1987 season stands out as one of Nolan Ryan's most intriguing seasons in his illustrious career.

The Nolan Ryan Basic Topps Set on the PSA Set Registry, on the other hand, is a modest, yet classic collection that would be the pride of any enthusiast and fan of the game. The collection has 27 cards, beginning with Ryan's rookie card in 1968 and ending with a 1994 edition.

PSA 9 graded cards often retail for roughly $40, while PSA 10s can fetch more than $1,000. Here are the industry average auction prices for the card in three different PSA grades: With such a long career, there are enough of Ryan cards to satisfy collectors.

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