How much are crown seats at Royals Stadium?

How much are crown seats at Royals Stadium?

When purchased as an 81-game season ticket package, Royals BATS Crown Club tickets cost $190 per game. Individual game tickets are $240. For most games, the finest seats towards the front of each section are sold out for the season, and only back area tickets are available. In addition, a limited number of box seat tickets are sold each year.

The cheapest way to see a Royals game is by purchasing a $10 lawn ticket. These tickets are in the lower level behind home plate. The best choice of seating is in the stands on the first base side because these sections are closer to the action. There are no reserved box seats for the lawn; instead, fans are assigned seats when they buy their tickets. In addition, there are no general admission tickets sold for the lawn.

The K Club is a special section of tickets that includes all visiting team players' families. These tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not recommended for young children or those who may be prone to illness or injury. They can, however, be very rewarding for adult fans who want to have a more exclusive experience from the one provided by regular ticket purchases.

Royal's Stadium has four levels of boxes with a maximum capacity of 2,500. The highest level, the Royals Suite, is reserved for club members who pay an additional $20 per month or $240 annually.

How much are Royals tickets?

Ticket Prices for the Kansas City Royals

SeasonLocationAverage Ticket Price
2020Kauffman Stadium$82
2019Kauffman Stadium$36
2019TD Ameritrade Park$49
2018Kauffman Stadium$33

How much is a dugout suite at Kauffman Stadium?

On average, a Kansas City Royals suite rental will cost between $2,500 and $4,000. Suite prices differ according on the opponent, weekday, and suite location. Dugout suites at Kauffman Stadium, on the other hand, may cost up to $8,000 depending on the game.

The cheapest day to visit a Royals game is Monday, with tickets typically costing $20 to $40. The most expensive day to go to a game is Sunday, when tickets can cost $150 or more.

Suite rentals are available for every Royals home game except Opening Day. To be eligible for a suite, you must be a season ticket holder who also rents out at least five additional seats.

There are several different types of suites at Royals games. A full-service restaurant suite includes two seats at a table for four people, a waiter, and a chef. There is also a small bar within the suite that features beer, wine, and soft drinks. The price for a full-service suite ranges from $60,000 to $100,000 depending on the game. An inexpensive standing-room-only (SRO) suite costs $10,000 to $30,000 and includes a seat in the stands, a hot dog, and a soda. A dugout suite is exclusive to members of the Royals' front office staff and usually costs $50,000 to $80,000 per game.

Can you buy Royals tickets at the gate?

Gate C opens two hours before the show for Crown Club ticket holders only (Sections 1-6). Monday through Thursday, all gates will open one hour before game time. Tickets may be purchased online at the Royals' website or by calling 800-6ROYALS. The minimum age to attend a game is six years old.

In addition to the online and phone options, you can also buy tickets at the ballpark before each game. Ticket prices vary by section but can range from $10-$100 depending on how far back you want to sit.

Each year, the Kansas City Royals Foundation hosts "A Night at the Ballpark," which is an exclusive event featuring music from local artists, specialty cocktails, food trucks, a beer garden, a fashion show with local designers, a youth baseball clinic, a family fun zone with activities for children of all ages, and more. In addition, all fans attending the game are invited to join in on some pregame festivities outside the stadium prior to entering the venue.

The best way to get into the game early is to purchase a Crown Club ticket. These seats are reserved specifically for you and you alone.

How much is beer at a Royals game?

Kansas City Royals' Kauffman Stadium At $4, they're tied for the league's second-lowest price. A six-pack costs $20. Pepsi Field at Kansas City Star Casino $5. Budweiser Beer Garden $6. Levi's Stadium $7. Coors Light Beer Garden $8.

The cheapest beer available at a Major League Baseball stadium is Budweiser at $6 per pint. The most expensive is Yuengling Lager at $40 per barrel. (A barrel contains 32 gallons; one pint is 0.44 ounces.)

In addition to beer, the Royals sell wine and premium seats. The cost of a Royals game ranges from $30 for lower level seats to $125 for suites.

Beer prices at Royals games are consistent throughout the season. However, there is a maximum charge of $5 for any one container of liquid food. This includes beer, wine, soda, and other drinks that can be bought at concession stands. If you have two or more containers, each will be charged only $1.

Children under 18 years old are free when accompanied by a ticketed adult. Otherwise, children are $10 for pitch tickets or $25 for box seats.

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