How many World Cups did Maradona win?

How many World Cups did Maradona win?

Maradona participated in four FIFA World Cups, including the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, when he captained Argentina and led them to a final triumph over West Germany, winning the Golden Ball as the tournament's best player. He is also one of only three players to have scored in each opening round match at a World Cup (the other two being Peter Kastner and Miroslav Klose).

During his career, Maradona won three Argentine championships with Boca Juniors and one with Napoli before retiring in 2001 at the age of 38. He currently works as a football analyst for ESPN and The Daily Telegraph.

In addition to his country of birth, Argentina, Maradona is a citizen of Italy and Spain. He has been nominated for the Ballon d'Or several times but never won it.

Besides football, Maradona was known for his extravagant lifestyle and drug addiction which lasted for most of his career. He has been diagnosed with alcohol dependence and in 2003 entered an outpatient treatment program. In April 2006, he confessed that he had relapsed into alcoholism but has since then taken charge of his life again.

Currently, Maradona lives in Naples with his wife, Monica, and their three children. His son Diego Jr. plays professional soccer and his daughters Ekin and Ena work as models.

What makes Diego Maradona so special?

Maradona delivered the most astonishing individual performance in World Cup history in Mexico in 1986. Many people predicted that whichever Maradona played for in 1986 would win the World Cup. When he moved to Napoli, he led the squad to their first Italian championship. After his contract with Napoli was not extended, he went back to Argentina where he played for Boca Juniors. In 1991 he returned to Napoli and helped the team win its second consecutive title.

During his time at Napoli, Maradona managed to earn himself a reputation as one of the best players in the world. He was renowned for his ability to score goals from any position on the pitch, his improvisational talent and his leadership skills.

After retiring from playing football, Maradona started a business which now employs over 5,000 people. He also works as a television commentator for Argentine games and international matches.

So, what makes Maradona so special? His talent is without a doubt but it's also his personality that makes him unique. He's outspoken, enjoys making jokes at other people's expense and has a rebellious nature. All these qualities made him a favorite with Argentines who wanted someone to protest against the government's policies. During his time at Napoli, he became known for his entertaining displays of skill on the pitch which made him a fan-favorite.

Maradona has how many World Cups?

Maradona, Diego

Titles and season
1x World Cup winner
4x World Cup participant

What did Maradona win with Argentina?

Argentina won the championship after defeating West Germany in the final, 3-2. As the tournament's top player, Maradona received the Golden Ball. That victory cemented his status as a global celebrity. Maradona won the Artemio Franchi Cup in 1993, a match between Copa America and European Championship champions. He is also famous for saying "Cristiano Ronaldo is not fit to lace my boots."

What is the best team in world football?

The best team in world football is undoubtedly Barcelona. With an average age of under twenty-five, the club is filled with young talent that has yet to reach its peak. Players like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Neymar and Robert Lewandowski have broken all records while at Barca, and they are still going strong. The club has won more trophies than any other team in history and is still striving for more.

Barcelona is also one of the most popular teams in Europe, with millions of fans across the continent. Its success on and off the field has made Barcelona a role model for many young players who want to follow in their star player Sergio Busquets's foot steps.

Next up we have Manchester United. The Red Devils have won almost every trophy there is to win over the past few decades. They are the most successful team in the Premier League and the English Football League.

Did Maradona carry Argentina in 1986?

Although the first goal was very contentious in England, Maradona's second goal was hailed for its brilliance all around the world. Argentina went on to win the 1986 FIFA World Cup by beating West Germany in the final, as well as finish second in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Both victories were later recognized by Argentina as perfect matches.

Argentina had not won the cup since 1970, when they beat Zico's Brazil in the final. The previous three finals had been lost to Pelé's Brazil, so there was considerable pressure on Argentina to win. However, many critics said that Maradona wasn't fit enough to play after a controversial incident in the opening match against England when he was kicked by Peter Shilton after going down with an injury.

However, Maradona proved them wrong by scoring two beautiful goals in the second round match against France. He also helped his team win the next two matches too. In the last group stage match against Italy, he scored another wonderful goal to take his total to four goals. Unfortunately, Argentina was defeated by Italy 0-3 and ended up being third in the table.

After the tournament, Maradona announced his retirement from international football. He did however come out of retirement in 1995 when he played one game for Argentina against Paraguay. Although Argentina lost 1-4, Maradona scored a hat trick in the match which made headlines worldwide.

When did Diego Maradona score the Hand of God goal?

He dominated the 1986 Mexican competition. He scored two of the most famous goals in World Cup history in a 2-1 quarterfinal triumph over England. The first goal was scored with his hand (the referee mistook the ball for hitting his head), and it is now known as the "Hand of God" goal.

Please retry later. Official statistics show that Maradona scored 258 goals in his club career in Europe and 34 goals in Argentina. This brings his career total to 349 goals. "Hand of God" was one of his most popular goals. Argentina and England were playing in a World Cup match.

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