How many times did Pakistan beat India in the World Cup?

How many times did Pakistan beat India in the World Cup?

While Pakistan has had the better hand bilaterally, India has had the upper hand in global ICC competitions, where they have won 13 times against Pakistan while Pakistan has won twice.

A look at the table below will reveal that India has beaten Pakistan in more matches than the other way around: 66 vs 53. Of these India has also been defeated by Pakistan on two occasions: in 1987 and 1999.

India's win-loss record is thus better than Pakistan's but their head-to-head stats are not so flattering for India. This shows that Pakistan has the upper hand when it comes to playing India in world cricket.

Pakistan first played India in a bilateral series in 1986-87. Since then Pakistan has played India on all major venues except South Africa.

The two countries have also competed together in the World Cups of 1987, 1999, and 2015. The only exception is the Indo-Pak Test match series which India has skipped since 1987 due to security concerns.

India has beaten Pakistan in more matches than the other way around but their head-to-head stats aren't so flattering for India.

How many times has India lost to Pakistan?

The two teams have faced off 199 times. Pakistan has won 86 matches, whereas India has won 70. Pakistan has won more Test and ODI matches than India, while India has won six of the eight T20 Internationals between the two teams.

India's record is better when they are not playing against Pakistan, with India winning seven out of their eight matches before they met Pakistan in a series. The only match that India lost was the first match of the series, which they had to win to keep the series alive. After losing that match, India went on to win three more matches - all clean sweeps - to level the series 1-1.

Pakistan's record is worse when they play against India, as Pakistan has won just one Test match out of its last eleven attempts. This is the only victory in the history of the series. All the others were either tied or India got winners' rides.

India won the first match of the series by ten wickets at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in Delhi. It was India's first win over Pakistan since 2008. In that year, India won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy one-day series 4-1.

After this win, India went on to win three more matches - all by large margins - to clinch the Test series 2-1.

Who won most matches between India and Pakistan?

Pakistan has won 73 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) against India. India and Pakistan have played 132 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) against each other since 1978. Pakistan has won 73 matches and has been defeated in 55. There were four matches that finished in a tie. Pakistan won the series 3-1.

India won the first ODI by eight runs on 30 May 2002 at Delhi. In response to India's victory, a terrorist attack killed 14 people and injured over 100 others. The second match was cancelled due to security concerns. The third match was held at Lahore in January 2003 and ended in a draw. The final match of the series was held at Mumbai in February 2003 and also ended in a draw. Pakistan won the three-match ODI series 2-1.

Which team is better equipped to defeat India?

Both India and Pakistan possess powerful batting lines ups but it is India's bowling unit that has the upper hand. India's fast bowlers are regarded as the best in the world, while Pakistan's pace battery is also considered strong. However, India's spinners are also very good so there is no clear advantage for either side.

Which Indian player is regarded as the best batsman in the history of Indian cricket?

M. Chidambaram Singh is regarded as the greatest Indian batsman of all time.

How many ODIs has Pakistan won in India?

Each team has four series victories, but Pakistan has won more Test matches than India in Tests between the two countries. The two teams have played 17 One-Day International (ODI) series. Six of these series have been held in India, while Pakistan has hosted seven. India has won three out of these six series, while Pakistan has won the other three.

India won the first ODI in Kanpur on January 10, 2002. Since then, Pakistan has won the next three ODIs to level the series 1-1. In the following series, India won the five-match Test series 4-1. Since then, Pakistan has not won any further matches against India in either ODI or Test formats.

India is now ahead of Pakistan in the ODI rankings by one position. The two nations are currently ranked second and third respectively. They will be ranked first and second when the new rankings are announced after the 2019 World Cup.

India has a better winning record than Pakistan in ODI cricket - India has won eleven out of their seventeen matches, whereas Pakistan has won only six matches.

India has won all three matches they have played against Pakistan this year. The series was tied 1-1 last year. India won the only Test match they played against Pakistan in 2018. That's India's 16th win in 19 attempts.

How many matches between India and Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup?

In the ICC cricket world cups, India and Pakistan have played 12 matches. India won every game. The most recent meeting between these two arch-rivals occurred during the 2019 ICC World Cup. India beat Pakistan by 150 runs to win its first ever World Cup title.

India and Pakistan have been involved in several conflicts throughout their history, but they have always managed to play and settle their disputes peacefully. The last war between these two countries was called the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. This conflict ended with India winning its independence from Britain. Pakistan was given its own state but has never been able to resolve its differences with India.

Since its formation in 1947, the Indian Cricket Team has won the World Cup twice (1951 & 1983). The team lost in the final of the 1972 World Cup to Australia. India has also won the 50th Anniversary Celebration Cup in 1987.

Pakistan has never made it to the finals of the World Cup. But both countries have a good record when it comes to the semi-finals. India has reached the semis on five occasions (1950, 1954, 1975, 1999, 2011) while Pakistan has done so four times (1968, 1982, 1986, 1992).

Both India and Pakistan have won their opening games of the World Cup but they have never gone beyond that stage.

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