How many times has Spain won the World Cup?

How many times has Spain won the World Cup?

Spain is one of just eight countries to have won the FIFA World Cup, which it did in South Africa in 2010, its first appearance in the final. The Spanish national team also won the UEFA European Championship in 2008.

Spain won its last World Cup match 4-1 against the Netherlands in Amsterdam. Four years earlier, it was France who defeated Spain 1-6 at the World Cup in Germany. In fact, no other country has beaten Spain at a World Cup finals since Uruguay knocked out it by a 9-3 scoreline back in 1934.

Overall, Spain has won 25 matches and lost just three games during its World Cup career. That means it has a winning record of 22%. Its overall win percentage is therefore 72%.

France had been undefeated until recently when it lost to Portugal on Saturday. If France wins its next game against Argentina then it will equal Spain's record of most consecutive wins at a World Cup finals with nine. However, France will need to beat Argentina as well as hope that Portugal loses to Switzerland if it wants to catch up with Spain.

In fact, only four nations have managed to stay unbeaten throughout their entire World Cup campaign: Italy in 1934, Brazil in 1958, Sweden in 1990, and Spain itself in 2010.

Has there been a World Cup in Spain?

Spain is one of the eight national teams to have won the World Cup, having competed in 15 of the 21 FIFA World Cups and qualifying consecutively since 1978.

FIFA ranking
World Cup
Appearances15 (first in 1934)
Best resultChampions (2010)
European Championship

How many World Cups does Spain have?

Spain is one of the eight national teams to have won the World Cup, having competed in 15 of the 21 FIFA World Cups and qualifying consecutively since 1978. Spain has also won three regional championships and has competed in ten of the fifteen UEFA European Championships.

They are the only team to have won the European Championship while not having yet won the World Cup. The Spanish football association (RFEF) did not allow players to represent another country at any time during the world cup qualification cycle, which lasts four years for each tournament. However, this rule was confirmed by the court of arbitration for sport to be removed from page to page of the contract with FIFA when it expired in 2015. Thus, Spain will be able to select its squad after all other countries have qualified.

Their first World Cup was in 1930, where they ended up in fourth place. Since then, the team has gone on to win three more titles, in 1982, 2010, and 2012. Overall, Spain has earned a record of five wins and five losses in the World Cup finals.

The most recent World Cup was played in Brazil and featured 32 teams from around the world. The final match was held on July 13th, with Germany defeating Argentina 2-1 to claim their second title.

How did Spain qualify for the World Cup?

The Spaniards qualified in style, winning all 10 of their qualifying games. Continue reading to learn more about Spain's World Cup team in 2010. In terms of the FIFA World Cup 2010, Spain is now a household name. The statement they make grows stronger with each game the Spaniards play. They have already proven themselves to be one of the best teams in Europe and are now looking to go far in the tournament.

Spain entered the World Cup as one of the favorites to win the cup. The team has many stars such as David Silva, Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, and Fernando Torres. With these players at their disposal, it is no surprise that Spain was able to win the European Championships last year.

Spain opened the tournament against South Africa. The match was not very close, as Spain won it by a score of 1-0. After the opening match, many people wrote off Spain's chances of winning the cup. But Diego Maradona's tactics worked out and he helped the Spanish win their next two matches too. Now, Spain is currently sitting on top of their group with five points. They will face Germany in their next match on June 16th at Stade de France in Saint-Denis. This should be an interesting match as both teams want to prove themselves worthy champions.

What has Spain won in football?

Spain became the first team since the FIFA World Cup's inception in 1930 to win three straight major trophies (UEFA European Championship 2008, FIFA World Cup 2010, and UEFA European Championship 2012). Spain became the first team since Germany in 1976 to reach the final as the defending European champion.

They also are the only team to have won the European Championship while being ranked No. 1 in the world at the time of the finals.

Spain is one of only five countries that have won the European Championship while being ranked No. 1 or 2 in the world at the time of the finals (along with Italy, Portugal, Germany, and France). The others are England, Germany, Italy, and Portugal.

Spain has won the most international titles without ever having been beaten by a country that does now compete at the highest level of football. Their record is eight titles - five European Championships and three World Cups.

Germany is the only other side that can compare with Spain's dominance on the continent: it has won four European Championships. That said, Germany's victories came before the advent of both continental competitions (1950/52/53/56) so these are not truly comparable teams. Germany did finish top of its group at the 1952 Olympics but they were unable to overcome Sweden in the quarter-finals.

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