How many Super Bowl rings does Tom Coughlin have?

How many Super Bowl rings does Tom Coughlin have?

Two Super Bowl victories Coughlin's record and two Super Bowl victories cemented his place in history as one of the best coaches of all time. He has more wins than any other coach in New York Giants history and is only behind Paul Brown and George Halas for most overall wins by a head coach in NFL history.

Coughlin was born on January 4, 1945 in San Francisco, California. He played defensive back for the University of Arizona Wildcats from 1964 to 1966 before being selected by the Giants in the first round (sixth pick overall) of the 1967 NFL Draft. Coughlin started at middle linebacker for the first three games of his rookie season before moving to strongside linebacker where he stayed until 1971 when he became a full-time coach.

He was named the 31st greatest football coach of all time by ESPN in 2006 and currently ranks fifth all time with 22 winning seasons. Coughlin has been elected to the National Football League Coaches Association's Hall of Fame in Danville, Illinois after spending five years as a voting member of the association.

How many Super Bowl rings does Romeo Crennel have?

Five Super Bowl victories As an assistant coach, he won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants and three with the New England Patriots. As a head coach, he led the Cincinnati Bengals to a 32-29 record and made the playoffs all five seasons he was in charge.

He is one of only four coaches to lead his team to victory in each game they played during the regular season and the Super Bowl. The others are Bill Belichick, Joe Montana and Paul Brown.

Crennel's overall coaching record is 95-63-1. He is one of only nine coaches to win 100 games as a head coach and one of just six to have a winning record in both the regular season and the postseason.

His 1995 Cleveland Browns team is the only one to go undefeated at home during that season. The team's only loss came by one point on a last-minute field goal attempt in which Kevin Butler missed.

How many Super Bowl rings does Andy Reid have?

What, two Super Bowls? Reid has coached two Super Bowls (one of which he won) and has been in eight conference championship games. He's one of the finest coaches in NFL history, and his resume keeps growing. The only thing missing is a national title -- but that might be able to be added next season.

Reid was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles after they fired Andy Reid. He's the second oldest coach in the NFL behind Denver's John Fox who is also one of the most successful. Reid is coming off a 12-4 season with a first-round bye and home game against New England in the NFC Championship Game. He's one of just three coaches in NFL history (Marvin Lewis is the other one) to win 20 games in each of his first two seasons as a head coach.

He's only the third African-American coach to lead his team to the Super Bowl after Don Shula and Chuck Noll. And he's the first black coach to win two Super Bowls.

Andy Reid has had a tremendous career as a head coach. He's already got two 50+ win seasons and is only 51 years old. Heck, he even got drafted by the Chiefs back in 1983 when they were a new franchise who didn't have any past champions to point to as a source of inspiration.

How many Super Bowls did LT win?

"LT" knows a thing or two about titles. He won two Super Bowls (XXI and XXV) and was named to the Pro Bowl ten times throughout his 12-year NFL career. In 1986, he was voted MVP while leading the league in sacks.

Why is this important? Because it shows that even though LT wasn't able to play in either of Denver's Super Bowl victories, he still has a major role to play in the team's success. He was also very instrumental in helping lead the Broncos to their first Super Bowl victory over the Steelers back in 1997. After retiring as a Denver Bronco in 1999, LT joined the team as a consultant for the 2001 season and then officially became a member of the coaching staff in 2002. He now works with the defense as a senior assistant coach.

Here are some other famous football players who were involved in the winning of multiple Super Bowls: Tony Boselli (Texans), Carl Eller (Redskins), Ernie Accorsi (Giants), Kevin Greene (Seahawks), Bruce Smith (Hornets/Buccaneers), Rod Woodson (Steelers).

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