How many picks do the 49ers have?

How many picks do the 49ers have?

The 49ers gained two picks and exchanged their own seventh-round pick (No. 230 overall) for a move down to choose Notre Dame guard Aaron Banks in the second round (No. 55 overall). San Francisco also has two third-round selections, one of which it acquired from Seattle last year in order to select Lynch. The other third-round choice is courtesy of New England.

The trade up to draft Banks was part of a busy day for the 49ers. They also traded away their fourth-round selection (No. 116) as well as their sixth-round selection (No. 196) to move up in the second round. Those moves gave San Francisco four more picks in the draft, including two in the fourth round (No. 116) and another in the sixth round (No. 196).

The Seahawks sent their third-round pick (No. 89) to San Francisco as part of the deal that brought Lynch to Seattle. The Niners used that pick to select running back Marcus Henry from South Florida.

Henry is the first player drafted by San Francisco since they selected quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2011.

What did the 49ers get for the trade?

The club executed a surprise transaction on Friday to move up nine spots in the draft. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the 49ers traded their No. 12 overall pick, a 2022 third-round compensatory pick, and first-round selections in 2022 and 2023 for the Miami Dolphins' No. 3 overall pick. The 49ers will also receive the fourth overall selection from Miami.

The Dolphins were expected to select Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields with their top choice, but they ended up trading down with San Francisco. This means the 49ers will be able to choose between Fields and Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts. Florida State defensive end Brian Burns is considered by many to be the best player available at No. 4, so it's possible the 49ers could take him instead.

In addition to selecting between two quarterbacks, the 49ers have several other options at the position. In fact, there are six more signal callers who could go before San Francisco's turn at No. 3 comes around again. Here's a look: Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa, Oregon's Justin Herbert, Georgia's Jake Fromm, Louisville's Lamar Jackson, Mississippi State's Johnathan Abram, and Michigan's DeShone Kizer.

Although the 49ers didn't address the quarterback position during free agency or the draft, new coach Kyle Shanahan has said he likes what he sees from current starter C.J. Beathard.

Do the 49ers have any more draft picks?

The 49ers shook up the draft with their high-priced move up. For No. 3 overall, the 49ers traded No. 12 overall, first-round selections in 2022 and 2023, and a 2022 third-round compensatory pick to the Miami Dolphins. The 49ers also sent 2020 fourth-round picks (109th overall) and 2021 second-round picks (44th overall) to Miami.

The Dolphins already had three first-round picks this year (ninth, 10th, and 11th), so they were looking to make another impact player. The 49ers like what they see in Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson and he should be available at No. 3. The 49ers also like Oklahoma quarterback Patrick Mahomes and he might be worth taking at No. 7. Finally, Ohio State cornerback Marshon Lattimore could be an option at No. 9.

These are just predictions but the 49ers do have five picks in the next two days. They can trade away or give out additional picks before the start of the season.

Do the 49ers have a 2nd round pick?

The 49ers selected Notre Dame guard Aaron Banks in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft. While he fills a need in the interior of the offensive line for San Francisco, how well he fits into their scheme remains to be seen. If Laremy Tunsil is any indication, it won't be easy for him to make the transition from college to the pros.

Banks is the first player from the University of Notre Dame to be picked in the second round of an NFL draft. The 6-5, 315-pounder started all 13 games at left guard for the Irish over the past two seasons after originally signing with Notre Dame as a high school quarterback. Before moving to offense, Banks played defensive end on campus and was a force to be reckoned with there, recording 55 tackles, 10 sacks, and three forced fumbles during his career.

He entered the draft after graduating early to play 2020. Banks has already begun working out with the team and could see action this season if not given a chance to win a job outright. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the pick that they believe he can help the team in several different ways on both sides of the ball and added that they feel like he's a good fit for their system.

What did the 49ers offer the Packers?

The 49ers are thought to have offered the Green Bay Packers the No. 3 overall selection, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and other players, as well as draft picks, in exchange for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. According to our sources, the offer was made — and rejected — yesterday night...

Garoppolo would've been an instant upgrade at the position for the Packers, but they already have one of the best quarterbacks in the league with Rodgers. It's possible that new 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan could change this analysis though; he had success developing quarterbacks in Washington (Robert Griffin III) and Atlanta (Matt Ryan).

Shanahan also has experience working with receivers after serving as Robert Griffin III's offensive coordinator last season. The Redskins used a number of different options at wide receiver including Jamison Crowder, Paul Richardson, and Josh Doctson. Under Shanahan, those three players combined for over 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns.

It's unclear at this point if the Packers even considered trading away their star player, but it's obvious that they wanted to add some depth at the position. A source close to the situation tells us that there were "no negotiations" between the two teams regarding Rodgers.

We'll know more tomorrow when the NFL free agency period opens at 4:00 PM CT.

When did the 49ers get their compensatory picks?

The 49ers were granted two compensatory draft picks in early March, giving San Francisco a total of nine picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. The 49ers received one extra pick in each of the first three rounds and two in the fourth round of this year's draft. Those four extra picks are assigned by the league based on the vacancies left on each team's roster after June 1. The 49ers will choose between these selections.

How did they get these picks? The 49ers can either receive these picks through the compensatory selection process or as part of another team's discarded salary cap space. Under the former scenario, the 49ers will be able to select any player who became an unrestricted free agent (UFA) July 30 after 2016 or later years off the football field. If the 49ers select an UFA, that player would have to agree to terms with San Francisco before it could sign him to a contract. The latter scenario would allow it to select any player who was released by his previous team at any time during the 2019 offseason or later. In this case, the team must wait until after August 12 to see if it receives additional draft choices through the compensatory selection process.

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