How many Monday Night Football wins do the Pittsburgh Steelers have?

How many Monday Night Football wins do the Pittsburgh Steelers have?

Pittsburgh Steelers—-42 victories In addition to their 16 consecutive home victory, the Steelers have won 27 Monday Night Football games since 1991, for a total of 42 wins on the first day of the work week. The most recent loss was in 2016 against Hillary Clinton and her Brooklyn Defenders at MetLife Stadium. She won by a score of 44-16.

The last time they lost on Monday Night Football was in 1990 when Chuck Noll's team lost to John Elway and the Denver Broncos at Three Rivers Stadium. That's also the last time the Steelers failed to win at least one Monday Night game during any season.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has more career Monday Night Football wins than any other player (7). Running back Le'Veon Bell is second with 6 wins. Linebacker James Harrison is third with 5 wins. None of the other players on the roster have even one win each.

Roethlisberger and Manning are the only two quarterbacks to ever lead their teams in scoring in each of their first seven seasons. Manning did it twice (2007-2011) while Roethlisberger accomplished the feat once (2014).

Who has won the most Monday Night Football games?

Steelers According to Pro Football Reference, the Steelers franchise set the NFL record for wins on Monday with 51. The previous record was held by the Redskins team that lost to Pittsburgh in the final game of the 2004 season.

Bucs According to ESPN, Tampa Bay is winning or sharing the division title every year since Dirk Koetter took over as head coach in 2006. They've also never had a losing season when Koetter has been at the helm.

Redskins According to ESPN, Washington has never made the playoffs under Gruden but has always been in contention each season he's been in charge.

Steelers According to ESPN, Mike Tomlin has turned the Steelers into one of the best teams in football, bringing a tough defense and an explosive offense together to build a 14-2 record during his first two seasons at the helm.

Buccaneers According to ESPN, Greg Schiano has brought success quickly to Tampa Bay after being hired away from Rutgers where he built up a reputation for getting the most out of his players. During his only season running the Bucs' defense, they ranked second in points allowed (20.4 per game).

Which NFL team has the best record on Monday Night Football?

According to Pro Football Reference, the Steelers franchise set the NFL record for wins on Monday with 51. The Steelers defeated the Minnesota Vikings 34-31 in the final game of the 1974 season. This beat out the previous record of 50 wins set by the 49ers from 1970 to 1973.

The most recent Monday Night Football game saw the Dallas Cowboys defeat the New York Giants 27-23. Both teams have won three games this year. The Giants lost their first two games before beating up on below-.500 teams Philadelphia and Dallas. The Cowboys were undefeated before losing to Washington.

Some people might say that the Indianapolis Colts are the best team on Monday Night Football because they have a 4-0 record when playing on Monday nights. But since the merger in 2002, only one other team has had a winning record: the Pittsburgh Steelers who have won 12 games overall and 10 straight seasons.

The Chicago Bears are the only other team with a winning record (3-1) this year. They went into halftime last week down 21-7 against the Green Bay Packers but came back to win 28-21. Prior to this season, the last time the Bears had a winning record was 2006 when they went 9-7.

What’s the score of the Steelers-Colts game?

The Pittsburgh Steelers will face the Indianapolis Colts at Heinz Field on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET. The Steelers are 11-3 overall and 6-1 at home, while the Colts are 10-4 overall and 5-2 away. With a victory and defeats by the Ravens or Dolphins, the Colts can secure a postseason spot.

667-587-22 Pittsburgh Steelers (.532) 543-486-7 Steelers (.526) The Colts have the fourth most victories in NFL history and the 11th greatest winning % all-time. The Colts rank 12th in both wins and winning percentage. Colts 406-399-2 (.504) Steelers 502-315-3 since the merger (.614)

Pittsburgh Steelers K Chris Boswell led the team in scoring with four field goals and two extra points. The Steelers and Colts will meet for the 27th time during the regular season in Week 16 at Heinz Field (32nd overall). Pittsburgh leads the series 20-6 heading into the game, with a 16-2 record at home.

The Colts were part of the AAFC from 1947-49 (the same league that gave birth to the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers when it merged with the NFL in 1950). They played one season in the NFL in 1950, including this game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, then folded—being revived in 1953.

How many 11/0 teams have there been in the NFL?

Here are the other 12 Super Bowl-era teams who started 11-0. The Pittsburgh Steelers were the first team in franchise history to win their first eight games three weeks ago. Pittsburgh became the NFL's first 9-0 club since the 2015 Panthers in Week 10. The only other time that has happened was in 1972 when the Oakland Raiders began the season with eleven wins.

The 1972 Oakland Raiders are the only other team to start 11-0. They did so after defeating the Houston Oilers in the World Championship Game. The Patriots are now tied for second most 11-0 starts with twelve.

In addition to the 1972 Raiders and 2013 Patriots, here are the other eleven 11-0 teams: 1954 Chicago Bears, 1955 Detroit Lions, 1956 Cleveland Browns, 1957 Baltimore Colts, 1958 New York Giants, 1959 San Francisco 49ers, 1960 Philadelphia Eagles, 1961 Dallas Texans, 1962 Miami Dolphins, and 1964 Buffalo Bills.

Going back even further, here are all twenty 7-1 teams from 1950 through 1968. Only ten of these teams remain in existence today. The 2018 Rams are the only current team to begin its season with seven wins.

Additionally, there have been two 8-0 teams in NFL history. The 1944 Chicago Bears and 1945 Detroit Lions both finished the regular season undefeated before losing in the championship games.

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