How many goals have Arsenal scored in the Premier League?

How many goals have Arsenal scored in the Premier League?

The Arsenal Invincibles won at least twice as many points as five other Premier League teams during their undefeated streak: Birmingham (59), Tottenham (58), Southampton (55), Blackburn (53) and Manchester City (52). * Paraphrase formalized Arsenal scored 112 goals, 31 more than their nearest opponents, Chelsea (81).

Founded in 1871, Arsenal is one of the older football clubs in the English league system. The club was initially known as St. George's Football Club before being renamed after the Battle of Artemesia in 627 BC during the Second Persian War. They have won the FA Cup multiple times and are one of only three British clubs to have ever been crowned world champions when England defeated all professional teams except for their own to claim the World Cup in 1930. Arsenal has also won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League several times.

How many points did Arsenal have during their unbeaten run?

Over their unbeaten run, the Invincibles scored 121 points, which was 16 more than Chelsea (105) during the same period. Moreover, throughout their undefeated streak, Arsenal collected at least double the number of points as five other consistent Premier League clubs. Overall, they had 472 points, which is the most points ever by a team in one English league season.

They finished the 2004-05 season as champions for the first time in nine years. During that season, they didn't lose any match and they scored 30 or more goals for the first time in their history. Their average score per game was 3.5 and they defeated every single club they played during the season. The only exception was Chelsea who they lost to during the semi-final of the FA Cup. In the last match of the season against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane, Arsenal won 5-3 thanks to some amazing goals from Mikel Arteta, Emmanuel Adebayor, Paul Merson, and finally Robin van Persie who scored a penalty after he was brought down by Jan Vertonghen. This goal secured Arsenal's third title in four seasons.

They started the 2005-06 season with a new manager in Arsene Wenger who had just signed a contract extension. However, everyone expected him to do well since his team was already good at defending and didn't need any major changes at the start of the season.

How many Invincibles have Arsenal played in the Premier League?

During their 49-game undefeated streak, the Arsenal Invincibles recorded 15 different Premier League scorelines. The complete list of Arsenal Invincibles results may be seen here. They finished the season with 91 points.

Including this year's games, that makes 50 appearances in all competitions for the Invincibles. The average league score during their 49-game run was 2-1-0 (two wins, one draw, zero losses or fewer). That compares with an average league score over the previous five seasons of 1-2-2.

So far this season, the Gunners have played two matches: a 3-1 win at Huddersfield Town on August 11 and a 1-1 draw at Newcastle United on Saturday, August 19. Including these three games, they have played nine matches so far this season, which is nearly half of all the games played in the Premier League last season.

The Invincibles were led by Frenchman Arsene Wenger who had managed the club for 21 years before being forced out after the 2013-14 season when he ended his long career with 18 trophies to his name. He is still considered by many to be the greatest French manager of all time. Under him, Arsenal won four FA Cups and three Premier Leagues in eight seasons.

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