How many football fields can fit in the Pentagon?

How many football fields can fit in the Pentagon?

As a result, we can claim with certainty that the Pentagon is the size of 138.2575 football fields and that the Burj Khalifa is the height of 9.0733 football fields set end to end. That's more than twice as tall as the Sears Tower, which at 2333 feet is almost as tall.

The estimate for the length of the Pentagon is actually closer to 270 yards (240 meters). The actual length of the building is 295 feet (92 m), but some of this is taken up by entryways and elevators so it is usually considered as a distance between pillars rather than a perimeter fence.

The Pentagon was built in 1772 as a military barracks in Washington D.C. In 1800, after nine years of construction, it was completed. Today, it is used by the United States Department of Defense.

How many miles around is the Pentagon?

14 ha The Pentagon Zone is a federal enclave and military reservation in Arlington County, Virginia, United States. It includes most of the District of Columbia within the boundaries of the state of Virginia.

The Pentagon City station on the Washington Metro serves as the eastern terminus for the Blue and Orange Lines. The Pentagon Station is also the southern terminal for the Green Line of the Washington Metro. The Pentagon station opened on October 27, 1991, and is the first underground metro station in the Washington metropolitan area. It was built by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) as part of the Army's new headquarters building, which is next to it. The station lies beneath Massachusetts Avenue NW between E Street NW and Jefferson Drive NW.

The Pentagon has one of the largest office buildings in the world. It is a 1.1 million square foot (104,000 m²) complex with eight floors above ground and seven below. It is the home of the United States Department of Defense. The Pentagon was originally constructed as a joint United States Army/United States Navy facility.

How many levels are there in the Pentagon's underground?

The Pentagon employs around 23,000 military and civilian people, as well as an additional 3,000 non-defense support staff. It has five sides, five above-ground floors, two basement levels, and five ring corridors per floor, totaling 17.5 miles (28.2 kilometers) of corridors. The building is also connected to other government buildings through a network of tunnels.

There are actually 16 main levels inside the Pentagon. The first three are ground level, which includes entryways and parking lots. The next three are basement level, which contains utility rooms and storage. Then there are five main floors, which contain most of the office space. These include the Executive Office Floor, which houses offices for the Secretary of Defense, other top officials, and their staffs. There is also a Special Security Unit that works with the Secret Service to protect presidents and other high-profile individuals. On this floor you will also find the National Military Command Center, where officers watch over military operations worldwide from any one of several large conference rooms. Next comes the Congressional Floor, which consists of an atrium open to the public and 52 committee rooms where members of Congress can meet with staff and witnesses. At the end of this floor is the Library of Congress, where lawmakers can research issues before debating them on the House or Senate floor. The final main floor is called the Public Affairs Floor, which includes press conferences, television studios, and other facilities used by the Department of Defense and other agencies to communicate with the public.

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