How many British managers have won the Premiership?

How many British managers have won the Premiership?

Since the inception of the English Premier League in 1992, no English manager has won the championship. In the Premier League's 25-year existence, only nine managers have won it, with Manchester United's former manager, Alex Ferguson of Scotland, winning it 13 times. The other four men to have done so are Arsène Wenger of Arsenal, Jose Mourinho of Chelsea, Brendan Rodgers of Liverpool and Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino.

Ferguson retired at the end of the 2018–19 season, leaving him tied for most championships with Wenger. He is also tied for most all-time wins with Wenger (each having won 287 games across their respective careers).

Ferguson is also tied for third place with Mourinho and Rodgers for most league titles won in England (with Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea). He is also second only to Sir Alex with 26 trophies taken away from Scottish clubs to play for English teams. This includes 14 FA Cups, three European Cup/UEFA Champions Leagues, one UEFA Europa League and two Inter-Cities Fairs Cups (now known as UEFA Super Cups).

Finally, he is first among British managers for overall success, as judged by the number of championships won. Of the nine managers who have won the title, Ferguson is the only one who did not win any silverware prior to joining the Premier League.

Has any English manager won the premiership?

It has never been won by an English manager. The last English manager to win the title was Howard Wilkinson in 1992, the year before the Premier League was established. Of course, a British manager has won it; Alex Ferguson (a Scot) has won it multiple times.

English managers have had some success in other leagues though: John Beckingham managed Birmingham City to victory in the 1872–73 FA Cup. Arthur Rowe won the league with Leeds United in 1923–24. Billy Heath managed Cardiff City to victory in the 1951–52 Welsh Cup. Don Revie led Leeds United to victory in the 1970–71 season of England's top flight. Brian Clough took Derby County to the league championship in 1978 and 1980. Ron Atkinson managed Manchester United to victory in 1990. These seven managers combined earned £7 million.

Wilkinson is the only English manager to win the European Cup/Champions League, when he did so with Arsenal in 1992–93. He is also the only English manager to win the World Club Championship, when he did so with Wilkinson's Men in 1994.

There have been many foreign managers who have won the English title. A French manager has won it most often - Jacques Santini won the title with Chelsea in 1983 and Ronald Koeman did the same with Everton in 2013-14.

Which manager has won the greatest number of promotions to the Premier League?

Alex Ferguson is the most successful Premier League manager, having won 13 titles with Manchester United between 1993 and 2013, more than four times as much as any other manager. Including the current Premier League, Ferguson's 13 seasons in charge also make him the most successful manager in English football history.

Ferguson began his career at Aberdeen in 1974, before moving to England to take over the troubled United team in 1986. He took them from nowhere to European champions in a matter of months, using his unique brand of aggressive attacking football that attracted many fans and players. In 1990, he added another Scottish title to his collection when Dundee United were his victims. The following year, Manchester United became the first British club to win the treble - winning the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League and the F.A. Cup Winners' Cup in one season.

After winning another championship in 1992-93, Ferguson left United after 27 years to take over rival club Liverpool. However, he only managed to bring one title to Anfield - in 1995 - thanks to an incredible run in the 1994-95 season when they lost just once in 29 matches. After this success, he returned home to Scotland where he continued his work at Old Trafford until 2000, when he resigned to become manager of international teammate Alex Rodriguez's Spanish club Barcelona.

What manager has won the most premier leagues?

Ferguson, Alex Alex Ferguson is the most successful Premier League manager, having won 13 titles with Manchester United between 1993 and 2013, more than four times as much as any other manager. He also won three Scottish league titles while in charge of Aberdeen.

His success can be attributed to his ability to identify and develop young players and bring them through the club's youth system. This allows him to change tactics or styles of play without worrying about whether they will fit into what he wants to do. This has been very successful for Manchester United because they have always tried to play attacking football and find ways to win games even when they are behind. This has made them one of the most popular teams in England and around the world.

Ferguson took over a team that had never won the league before he arrived and managed to win it every year until 2013. His record speaks for itself; there is no doubt that he is one of the greatest managers in Premier League history.

Currently managing Scottish club Aberdeen, who he led to two Scottish Cup victories before taking over at Old Trafford, Ferguson has won 11 major trophies during his time at Manchester United. He is only behind English legend Sir Alex Ferguson as the most successful manager in the club's history.

Who was the last English manager to win the Premier League?

It's common knowledge that no English manager has won the Premier League since Howard Wilkinson's triumph for Leeds in the final season of the First Division in 1991/92, but I was surprised to learn that only SIX English managers have won either of the cup competitions (FA Cup or League Cup) since the Premier League's inception. They are: Wilkinson, Peter Reid, David O'Leary, Terry Venables, Sven-Göran Eriksson and Roy Hodgson.

In other news, your humble blogger is a Leeds United fan. Catch me on Twitter at @tdebessire if you need more information or have any questions for me.

Who are the managers who have won the Champions League?

In addition, while Paisley led Liverpool to three trophies in five seasons, Ancelotti won three titles and reached four finals with Milan and Real Madrid, and Zidane won three titles in a row with Real Madrid. Seventeen other managers have won the title twice. Of these, only seven have achieved this more than once: Johan Cruyff, Michels, Biagi, Nereo Rocco, Eusebio, Arrigo Sacchi, and Ancelotti.

Finally, there have been nine managers who have won the trophy without ever losing a match. They are: Herbert Chapman, Matt Busby, Carlo Ancelotti, Jorge Valdano, Avram Grant, Rafael Benitez, Jose Mourinho, and Luis Enrique.

So overall, there have been 20 managers who have won the Champions League, and among them only five have never lost a match (Herbert Chapman, Matt Busby, Carlo Ancelotti, Jorge Valdano, and Avram Grant).

The most successful manager in the history of the competition is Pep Guardiola, who has won it four times with Barcelona and Manchester City. He is one win away from tying Sir Alex Ferguson's record for most wins by a manager. If Guardiola wins this year's tournament, he will have won more games in one season than any other manager.

Which teams have won the English top division?

Manchester United now holds the record for most English Premier League titles, having won the league 20 times since 1889. The majority of these victories occurred when the Premier League was established at the start of the 1992/93 season under the leadership of manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Before then, the top flight was known as Division One or simply 1. There were no European competitions to contest until the end of the 1991-92 season, and so all the trophies were won on home soil.

Other notable names who have managed to win the English top division include Herbert Chapman, William Morris, and Hennes Sisley. All three managers earned a single title with their respective clubs. No one has yet to win the English top division more than once.

In addition to the English top division, Manchester United also holds the record for most FA Cup wins with 19. The record is not likely to be broken anytime soon, as it took nearly 100 years before another British team managed to win the cup again - Chelsea in 1955. The last time a American team won the FA Cup was in 1995 when Liverpool beat Blackburn Rovers 4-2 after extra time. So far, neither Canada nor Mexico has been able to bring home any silverware from across the pond.

The English top division is by far the most prestigious league in England, but it is not the only one available.

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