How long has the University of Pittsburgh basketball team been playing?

How long has the University of Pittsburgh basketball team been playing?

The University of Pittsburgh men's basketball team has been in existence for 107 years, so picking the five finest players in the program's history is not an easy process. There have been many great players over the years, and because most of them came before modern statistics were kept, it is difficult to judge how they would have ranked had they played together.

However, after much debate, we have decided to pick our five best players instead of our all-time team. The following people have been selected: David "Duke" Cunningham, Ralph Millan, James "Quickie" Parker, Darnell Hillman, and Chad Gallagher.

Cunningham was a four-year player at Pitt who remained in school for his final year when he could have left for a better career opportunity. He played only one season before being drafted #3 by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1986 MLB draft. He ended up making $1.6 million as a rookie, which at the time was considered huge money for a second baseman. He went on to become one of the biggest stars in NFL history, earning more than $60 million during his career with the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders.

Does Benedict College have a basketball team?

Benedict College's men's basketball team has 16 players and is overseen by one head coach and one assistant coach. Benedict College was placed 207th out of 274 schools in its division in College Factual's Best Colleges for Division II Men's Basketball research.

The school's mascot is the knight and it plays its home games at the John R. Waddell Center. The center opened in 2001 and has a capacity of 1,000 people. Benedict College's first game was on November 11, 1946, when they lost to Delaware Valley College 71-58. Since then the team has gone 0-1-1.

The college's baseball team has 12 players and is overseen by one head coach and one assistant coach. Baseball has been played at the college level since 1947. In that time the Knights have won one conference title in 1970. They finished with a 44-10 record that year but were denied a spot in the NCAA Tournament because they did not meet the requirement of having won at least 30 games.

Benedict College's football team has 10 players and is overseen by one head coach and one offensive coordinator. Football at Benedict has only existed for ten years (2006-2015) but the team has already made two post-season appearances. In their first season they went 6-4 and ended up ranked 70th in the country.

Does Boston College have basketball?

The men's basketball program at Boston College will be rebuilt during the following few years. Only this offseason, the squad lost eight of its thirteen scholarship players to the transfer site, including five of its top six players overall. In addition, there are currently three players suspended from competition for reasons not related to basketball.

They'll be looking to make some more history this year as they attempt to become just the second team in NCAA Division I basketball to begin the season with nine consecutive losses (the other team to do this is now 0-9). If they manage to pull it off, it would be known as the "Great Boston College Bustout."

The team was founded in 1926 and has spent most of its time in the lower levels of college basketball. They had their first real shot at reaching the tournament in 1995 when they made it to the NIT championship game before losing to UConn. Since then they've earned a reputation for blowing big leads in the closing minutes of games to end up losing them (see: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005).

Their record this year is 0-9. Honestly, nobody expects BC to do anything this year except lose every game by 20 points or more.

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