How long have the Kansas City Royals been at Kauffman Stadium?

How long have the Kansas City Royals been at Kauffman Stadium?

Kauffman Stadium In 2019, the Kansas City Royals will play their 47th season at Kauffman Stadium. Kauffman has traditionally been regarded as one of Major League Baseball's crown jewels. "The K" has happily hosted 83,497,353 fans since 1973, and its trademark aesthetic has proudly endured the test of time. The original stadium was built in 1964 to replace Municipal Park, which had previously served as the home of the Royals from 1955 to 1963.

Kansas City has been a major league city since 1958, when it adopted the Milwaukee Braves as their franchise after the club moved from Boston. The Kansas City Athletics replaced them the following year. In 1969, the A's left Kansas City for Oakland. The Royals entered the league two years later as an expansion team. They've never had another relocation attempt or even thought about moving ever since.

After winning only 70 games over their first four seasons, general manager Buddy Bell fired his staff in 2001 and brought in Peter Gammons from the MLB Network to help turn things around. Under Gammons' guidance, the Royals made the playoffs for the first time in 2002. Since then, they've reached the postseason five more times, most recently in 2018. After losing all 162 games in 2009, owner Ewing Kauffman Jr. announced that he was selling tickets 50% off for the next three years to try and balance the budget. The team went on to win the American League Wild Card before being eliminated by Boston in six games.

How many fans are the Royals allowing?

In May, more fans will fill the Kauffman Stadium stands to see the Kansas City Royals play. The Royals announced on Tuesday that the enlarged stadium capacity at Kauffman Stadium for May games has been increased to 17,400 people. Until now, the Royals have permitted up to 10,000 people to attend games. The team plans to sell out every game this season.

The Kansas City Chiefs also play in a stadium with a maximum capacity of 20,000 people. But they usually have half as many fans as the Royals during home games.

The Oakland Athletics are playing in a new ballpark called Oracle Park. It has a capacity of about 42,000 people and it's the largest baseball stadium in California.

The San Francisco Giants used to play in a park called Candlestick Park. It had a capacity of 50,000 people and was one of the smallest stadiums in the major leagues. The Giants moved to a new park called AT&T Park which has a capacity of 41,500 people. It's located in Bay Area of California.

The Chicago Cubs own part of the Chicago White Sox and they play in a big league stadium called Wrigley Field. It has a capacity of 35,000 people and is known for its friendly atmosphere.

There are several other small ball parks across the United States. One example is Huntington Park which is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Where to sit at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City?

Our team wants to present a detailed overview of the Kauffman Stadium seating chart to assist baseball fans in deciding where to sit when purchasing Kansas City Royals tickets. In one of Major League Baseball's smaller markets, Kauffman Stadium delivers a very personal atmosphere for baseball fans. From the cheap seats in the first base line boxes to prime locations in the stands, every seat is within shouting distance of the action!

The venue is split into three distinct sections: Left Field, Center Field and Right Field. Each section has its own theme and amenities for fans to enjoy. For example, in Center Field there are clubhouses that offer food and beverages as well as restrooms. The center field suites are some of the best seats in the house with views overlooking the entire ballpark.

In addition, there are several premium seating areas across from the batter's box where fans can purchase tickets that provide them with access to a private bathroom, coffee bar, soda fountain, and various snacks and meals. These are the perfect spots to tailgate before the game or relax after it ends. Tickets for these areas are extremely expensive but are worth it if you want to feel like a big league ballplayer!

Kauffman Stadium is also known for its unique layout. There are no standing room only sections at the stadium which makes every ticket sale important. This is why it's recommended to buy tickets early for popular games.

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