How long has it been since Michigan beat Ohio State?

How long has it been since Michigan beat Ohio State?

However, the competition has recently become pretty one-sided. It's been thousands of days since Michigan defeated Ohio State. It's been 3,000 days since the Wolverines defeated the Buckeyes. According to Eleven Warriors, this is the longest Ohio State streak in game history. The last time out was on November 18, 2016 in Columbus. Michigan won that game 42-7.

Since then, Ohio State has beaten only Iowa and Wisconsin. The last time they lost was 2013 against Florida State 26-23 in a game called "The Game." Since then, Ohio State has gone 12-0.

In 2015, there was some hope for the first time in many years that Ohio State might be dethroned. That didn't happen as Michigan finished the season 11-3 while OSU went 10-4.

In 2016, both teams were expected to be good again but no one thought either would go undefeated. Ohio State did however win their first ten games by an average score of 35-6. They were ranked No. 1 throughout most of the season before losing at Clemson 30-27 in overtime. Michigan ended up being unbeaten too but lost at Oregon 28-21 in triple overtime.

This year there are doubts about how good both teams will be but there's no doubt who the favorite is.

Has Michigan ever beat Ohio State?

Michigan has now gone 3,000 days without defeating Ohio State on the football field. As if that wasn't enough, Ohio State has won 15 of the past 16 games and 17 of the last 19. Michigan still maintains the record for the longest winning run in rivalry history, having won all nine games from 1901 through 1909. However, Ohio State has reclaimed the top spot after going 9-0 in 2012.

The last time out defeated Michigan 31-28 at Columbus Stadium. With the win Ohio State moved into first place in the Big Ten East Division with two games remaining in the regular season. The victory also ended Michigan's 24-game regular season home winning streak which was tied for second longest in NCAA history. Matt Scott threw for 286 yards and three touchdowns while running back Jordan Hall scored two times himself. Corey Brown had seven catches for 105 yards and a touchdown while Devin Smith had eight tackles and one interception before being ejected from the game in the fourth quarter.

This will be the first meeting between these in-state rivals since November 4th at Ohio Stadium. That day the game was called due to snow storms that were hitting the area including one that was responsible for the death of an OSU player. The game was made up January 1st at Michigan Stadium where Ohio State dominated from start to finish winning 49-14. Since then OSU has won 12 in a row including last year's victory over Michigan.

How long has Ohio State been on a winning streak?

When the clock struck midnight on February 12, the streak had hit 3,000 days. Ohio State supporters were on a roll right away. Michigan's last football victory over Ohio State was nearly 3,000 days ago. Florida State's last win over Ohio State was more than 3,000 days ago.

On September 20, 2011 -- just over three years ago -- Ohio State beat Michigan 26-17 at Ohio Stadium to start its winning streak. With no loss during that stretch, nobody was betting against Ohio State making it four in a row soon after that. But the team lost its next two games and the streak came to an end. Since then, Ohio State has gone 15-3 and won the 2012 national championship.

During this run of success, Ohio State has not lost when leading at halftime or even after trailing early in the game. The longest such run in college football history is also held by Ohio State. From 1942 to 1951, OSU went 33 straight games without a loss when up by 10 points or more at the half. That's one victory every other year for five years!

In addition to being the longest winning streak in school history, this streak is also the most recent. The last time Ohio State lost back-to-back games was 2010 vs. Virginia and 2011 vs. Michigan.

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