How do you pee on Everest?

How do you pee on Everest?

To pee, keep your climbing gear on. The elastic leg loop connections in the back of most harnesses don't even need to be unclipped. Continue to wear the waistband and draw the leg loops down with your jeans. Pee, then pull everything back up.

If you have to go while standing up, try to find a relatively isolated area away from any climbers. The best place I've found for this is about halfway up a mountain near some frozen waterfalls. You can see anyone approaching and there's not much room to miss.

On Mount Everest, you can either use an elevated platform or a toilet tent. Elevated platforms are generally made out of metal pipes and are used by those who have permits allowing them access to the highest campsites. Toilets tents are wooden boxes with a hole in it that is covered by a plastic bag when placed outside. They're used by those who have no permit but still want to relieve themselves away from prying eyes.

The first thing you should do after arriving at your destination is to locate the nearest elevated platform or toilet tent. If there aren't any available, then you'll need to make one. An elevated platform can be as simple as two large rocks with a rope between them or it can be a complicated system of ladders and wires.

How do climbers pee on Everest?

When you're finished, a pee rag is a single rag that you use for the duration of your journey. They can be carried in a pocket or tied to your belt like a traditional toilet paper roll.

On Mount Everest, there are two ways to go about this task: either use a tent or take advantage of every opportunity offered by high altitude. Unless you have a personal assistant who will be waiting for you at home with your suitcase full of pee rags (not likely), then you'll probably have to make do with what you have on hand. If you're using a tent, they usually have a toilet hole where you can drop food or waste material during sleep times. If you're not, then you'll want to try and find a safe place as high up as possible so that other people don't see you doing your business.

Either way, watch out for rocks!

The more dangerous route is the one used by many climbers daily. It's called "snow camping" and it involves making yourself at home inside a tent while standing up. This saves energy that would otherwise be needed to sit when peeing at low elevations. Also, by standing you avoid disturbing your sleeping partner or being disturbed by him or her.

How do you pee when camping?

Bring your jeans and underwear down to mid-thigh level—this will assist reduce splashback. Squat so that your pee flows downhill rather than back onto your own shoes. Take a broad posture. Don't hover over the toilet; this just increases the amount of time it takes you to finish.

The best place to go is in the woods, but not too far from a clear stream or lake. If there's no water nearby, then anyplace else you can pee on the ground is fine. Just make sure that you are not near any animal holes or other similar things that may be hidden underground. You don't want to get bitten by a snake while you're out here trying to have a nature moment.

When you get back to your campsite, find a good spot about 100 feet away from your tent and walk there with your head up high. Let everyone know where you've been by yelling "I peed in the woods!"

This will give others some warning if they are going to need to see you again soon and won't cause you to feel self-conscious.

There are many different ways to go about peeing in the woods and these are just a few examples. Have fun trying new methods!

What’s the best way to make your pee come out?

Relax by closing your eyes. Consider not being able to contain your pee any longer. The relief of finally getting it out. Relax ALL of your muscles (including your bladder) and press down hard on your bladder for 30 seconds. Then let go and open your eyes.

This will help you stop peeing in your pants when you have to go. It also works when you have a strong feeling that you need to go but can't because you're afraid you won't be able to hold it in anymore.

The next time you have to go, try this: First, try not to rush it. Take your time and relax all of your muscles, including your bladder. When you feel like you can't hold it in any longer, squeeze your bladder and press down hard for 30 seconds.

This method may sound odd at first, but it's very effective!

If you'd like, you can make an audio recording of this guide and listen to it back later. Enjoy!

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