How did Percy Jackson defeat Ares?

How did Percy Jackson defeat Ares?

Percy eventually won the combat by stabbing Ares in the heel; Ares tried to assault Percy again in a fit of wrath, but Kronos stopped him. This allowed Zeus to cast him down as punishment for trying to harm his son.

Kronos was so ashamed of himself that he asked Zeus if he could take over Earth as a gift. But when Zeus agreed, Kronos decided to steal Olympus back from him instead!

Without its leader, Olympus lost interest in fighting back, so Kronos easily defeated them all and took possession of the place. He locked Zeus up in the Temple of Kronos where he kept him prisoner until one day...

In Book 3, Percy finds out that Zeus is actually still alive and being held captive by Kronos in the Temple of Hephaestus. To rescue his father, Percy travels back in time to the First World War, where he meets up with Annabeth Smyth, a daughter of Poseidon who helps him fight off some German soldiers before they too are captured by Cronos. With their help, Percy frees Zeus and together they go after Kronos once more. However, when they arrive at the temple, it has already been destroyed by Hades who was angry that Zeus had freed him from his prison earlier.

What strategy does Percy use to beat Percy Ares?

What is Percy's strategy for defeating Ares? Percy threw a wave at him, then aimed for his skull, then moved to his ankle. Something unusual happens when Percy wounds Ares, causing Ares to back off. It seems that when he wounds Ares, he doesn't fight back anymore.

Now let's look at this question in the form of a puzzle. We can use clues to figure out what strategy might work best against a particular opponent. In this case, we need to think about how to defeat Ares. He can be defeated by either damage or attrition. If we use damage as our method of victory, then we should focus on ways to harm Ares while avoiding being harmed ourselves. This means that we should avoid getting close to him or even touching him. As for attrition, this means that we should try to wear him down over time. He will get older every time he is wounded, so eventually he will die of old age.

It may seem obvious now, but it's worth mentioning that you cannot kill a god with just a single attack. Gods are immortal unless you cut them in two or burn them alive, in which cases they will die. However, they can be damaged much like any other character and will heal between battles.

So overall, Percy uses attrition to defeat Ares.

When fighting Ares, what strategy does Percy use that he learned from Annabeth?

He creates a massive 6 foot wall of water to smash down on Ares, knocking him down and disoriented him, then stabs him in the heel of his boot with Riptide. Why does Ares retreat after Percy injures him? The water has weakened him and he can no longer fight back.

Ares was the god of war. His task was to protect Olympus from harm while also helping the other gods find allies before wars began. If a war did begin, it was his duty to fight on the side of justice until it ended. He was known for being very violent though, so most powers didn't want anything to do with him.

As far as Percy knows, nobody wants to fight with him because they think he's going to win. So he starts each battle by asking for a fair fight. This usually works because most people don't want to fight either Zeus or Poseidon when they can avoid it. However, not everyone respects him enough to give him a fair fight so sometimes he has to start a battle by attacking first in order to save someone else's life. This doesn't always work out well for him but it's necessary in some cases.

In this case, Ares hasn't been seen since Percy injured him so there's no way to know what will happen next.

Why did Ares put a curse on Percy Jackson?

Ares curses Percy, predicting that his blade would fail him when he needs it the most. He only agrees to grant Percy godhood because he knows he may battle him as many times as he likes and Percy will always return.

In Book 3, Percy uses Apollo's sword to kill Zeus. As proof of death, Zeus's own son Deimos throws Percy down into the mortal world where he sleeps for several days. When he wakes up, he finds out that his friends have all been killed by the Titans during his sleep. Frustrated, he goes on a quest to find Ares so he can challenge him one last time before he dies. He eventually meets up with Ares who agrees to fight him once again in order-to-end-all-fights. During their third battle, Percy uses Zeus's sword to kill Ares.

As punishment for killing his brother, Zeus sends Persephone back to Hades. Knowing this, Ares makes Percy promise that he will not go after her. However, since she is now under the control of Hades, Percy soon finds himself back at war with the Titans again.

What did Percy and Ares agree to in the Lightning Thief?

They made a pact not to fight each other. Percy will not tell anybody about the Love Tunnel if Ares lets him leave. They promised to fight until one of them bled. If Percy triumphs, he will transport the goods to Mount Olympus. Q. What makes Ares back down after Percy wounds him? A. Because of Rickon.

He realizes that without his help, there's no way to get the cargo to Mount Olympus. So he decides to let Percy go free... but only on the condition that he take him with him when he goes. Percy agrees, and they release each other. After that, Ares stays behind to guard the cargo while Percy runs home as fast as he can to tell his parents what had happened.

Ares guards the cargo but has to stay outside because he was wounded by Percy. When Rickon comes along, he takes care of his brother. Then he carries on alone with the help of Athena. It takes him three days to reach Mount Olympus.

There, he meets the other gods who are waiting for him. They decide that since Ares helped them, he deserves to be their leader. With his position, he can travel everywhere in five minutes!

That's how the God of War gets his name. Since childhood, he's been called by this title because of his violent nature.

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