Has there ever been four home runs in a row?

Has there ever been four home runs in a row?

Four straight home runs did not occur in the big leagues until 1961, when the Milwaukee Braves accomplished the feat against the Cincinnati Reds. The Indians became the second club to accomplish this feat in 1963, and the Twins did likewise in 1964, suggesting that it may become a rather common occurrence. However, such was not the case as only one other team has managed to hit four straight homers -- the 1947 New York Yankees.

In fact, no team has hit five straight homers since the record was last broken in 2001 by the Oakland Athletics. The last time four straight homers were hit by the same team was June 23-26, 1961 by the Braves and Indians. The Yankees hit five straight homers on July 7-11, 1947.

A player has hit four consecutive homers (including one in either batting order position) only six times in Major League history. Five of these games took place during World War II when baseball was played primarily as a means of keeping players active while they served in the military. The sixth occurrence happened in 2004 when Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals went yard four times in a single game against the San Diego Padres.

It is worth mentioning that three of these six games involved a team hitting four straight bombs off of Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Lemon or Joe DiMaggio. The two seasons this occurred were 1942 (Braves/Indians) and 1946 (Yankees).

Who held the record for most home runs in a season before Babe Ruth?

George Hall of the Philadelphia Athletics set the first single-season record with five home runs in 1876. Charley Jones batted 9 in 1879; Harry Stovey batted 14 in 1883; and Ned Williamson batted 27 in 1884, holding the record for 35 years until Babe Ruth broke it in 1919.

During that time, several other players reached four home runs, but no one else hit more than three. Jim Bottomley of the Boston Red Sox is the only player to reach 300 career RBI while batting under.300; he did so in 1947. Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees is the only hitter to win the MVP Award while batting under.300 (he did so in 1941); his 56 RBI were second only to Ruth's 100.

In 1918, Ruth broke George Hockham's record by hitting 54 homers, and in 1920 he broke his own record by hitting 60. From then on, there have been few records not held by Ruth. He is the all-time leader in almost every major offensive category, including hits, doubles, triples, home runs, RBI, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, walks, and total bases.

Besides being a great hitter, Ruth was also an excellent pitcher for several years during his early career with the Baltimore Orioles. He had a 48-46 win-loss record as a pitcher, with a 3.15 ERA.

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Eight The MLB record for consecutive home runs is eight. First place is shared by Dale Long (1956), Don Mattingly (1987), and Ken Griffey Jr. (1993). All three players hit seven homers in a row. Second place is held by Sammy Sosa with six in 1995. Third is a tie between Joe DiMaggio and George Foster with five each in 1941 and 1947. The feat has been accomplished nine times by other players.

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