Has Ronaldinho won a World Cup?

Has Ronaldinho won a World Cup?

7. Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldinho was instrumental in Brazil's World Cup victory in 2002. While with Barcelona, he won the Ballon d'Or and the Champions League. He returned to his native country and now plays for Juventus.

6. Zico Brazilian players have won the World Cup twice before - 1958 and 1962 - but neither man has ever won the title as coach. Zico led West Germany to the final in 1974 but lost 3-1 to Italy, who went on to win their first of five titles.

5. Eusebio Spanish player Eusebio is the most successful coach in World Cup history, having won the trophy three times between 1964 and 1972 with three different teams: 1965 with Spain, 1969 with Mexico, and 1970 with Portugal.

4. Rinus Michels Dutch player Rinus Michels is considered one of the best managers of all time. He won two consecutive European championships with Netherlands in 1971 and 1973 and was named Manager of the Year both years.

3. Jupp Derwall German player Jupp Derwall is known for being one of the first players to wear eyeglasses on the field during a match against Uruguay in 1930.

What cups has Ronaldinho won?

Ronaldinho's statistics and honors The former Gremio, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, AC Milan, and Brazil player won two Liga championships, a Scudetto, a Champions League, a World Cup, and the 2005 Ballon d'Or. His career stats include 160 goals in 211 games for his clubs.

He is one of only three players to have scored in both the Copa América and Mundial de Clubes (the other two being Diego Maradona and Roberto Baggio).

Ronaldinho has also been nominated for the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year award four times, winning it in 2005. He is the second most decorated athlete in Olympic history after Michael Phelps (eight gold medals).

At an international level, he was part of the Brazilian teams that finished third at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and fourth at the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Ronaldinho also took part in the 2004 Olympics where he finished fifth with the Brazilian team.

He ended his career in 2015 at the age of 36. However, he continued to play exhibition matches until 2017 when he announced his retirement.

In January 2018, Ronaldinho was given a two-year ban from football following a charge of misconduct during his final match against Flamengo on December 31, 2016.

Was Ronaldinho the best?

Ronaldinho, widely recognized as one of the finest players of his generation and by many as one of the greatest of all time, earned two FIFA World Player of the Year awards and a Ballon d'Or. He also has the record for most international goals scored by a player (58 in 102 matches).

His talent was so great that he had almost no rivals during his career. He won every single trophy available to soccer players at a time when the game was less popular than it is today, so there were hardly any other players to compete with. Even among his contemporaries, only Lionel Messi has come close to matching Ronaldinho's achievements.

Ronaldinho made his debut for Flamengo in 2001 at the age of 18 years and 10 months. The youngest player ever to appear in a Brazilian league match, he went on to score 81 goals in 161 appearances for the club before moving to French side FC Barcelona in 2005. There he continued to play until 2009, when he retired at the age of 31 after making 390 appearances for his new club, scoring 120 goals.

He returned to football in 2013 when he signed with Brazilian club Fluminense. Ronaldinho helped them win the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A title that year. In 2014, he played eight games and scored four goals for the Brazil national team.

How many trophies did Ronaldinho win in his career?


Titles and season
1x World Cup winner
2x The Best FIFA Men’s Player
2005FC Barcelona

Is Ronaldinho better than Ronaldo?

Ronaldinho is unquestionably the better gifted. But Cristiano Ronaldo will always be the superior player. Ronaldinho was a joy to watch, but he wasn't in his prime for long. This is where the Ronaldo-Messi period stands out. Both players were at their peak around the same time and it's hard to pick one over the other.

They are very different players who played in completely different times. Ronaldinho was more of an all-around player who could do it all while Ronaldo was more of a goal scorer. They both won trophies everywhere they went so it's hard to compare one player to the other.

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