Has anyone won the set for life?

Has anyone won the set for life?

Laura Hoyle, 39, and Kirk Stevens, 37, won the top prize in the Set For Life draw on March 1 by matching all five major numbers plus the Life Ball. For 13 days, the couple had no idea they had won the life-changing prize and were in complete shock when they found out.

Hoyle and Stevens said they plan to use their winnings to make some big changes to their lives, including buying a house and taking time off work to travel around Europe.

Stevens has been playing daily draws since he was 12 years old and always hoped to win something big. He said he never thought it would happen so soon after starting back at school following his break due to coronavirus restrictions. Hoyle has never played before but she's now determined to try her hand at winning bigger prizes in the future.

The couple received their life-changing win at a special ceremony held on Sky News Live. Host Sophy Ridge asked them what they planned to do with their winnings. Hoyle replied: "We're just going to sit down with my husband and have a chat about it really."

Ridge then told the pair that they could change their minds about keeping their winnings if they wanted to. But Hoyle and Stevens are happy to spend their money wisely now rather than later.

Has anyone won the Set for Life lottery?

Karen purchased her winning Set For Life ticket at Sainsbury's in Bittern. The Set For Life numbers for the March 11 draw were 3, 11, 20, 21, 26, and the Life Ball 8. Karen was one of seven lucky winners in the draw who received the second-tier reward. She collected her prize money of $52 million at a news conference held at the New York Stock Exchange.

Karen called her win the "dream come true". She said she would use her money to help her children have a better life. Her daughter Ashley told reporters that their family was going to Disneyland. Her son Drew said he wanted a video game system. His sister Amber said she wanted a new house.

Karen has been married three times, most recently to Steven Raichlen from 1991 to 1996. She has two children, Ashley and Drew, and one from a previous marriage, Michaela. She lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

In February 2011, Karen filed for divorce from her husband Steven Raichlen after 23 years of marriage. The couple had no children together. According to reports, the former model wants full custody of their daughter while her husband wants joint custody.

It was later revealed that Karen hired a private investigator to follow her husband around town. This allegedly caused him to file for divorce.

Has anyone won the Set For Life Lotto?

On Sunday, August 14, 2016, the winning numbers in Set for Life draw 374 were 3, 34, 36, 20, 12, 17, 31, and 33, with the bonus numbers 25 and 14. In the first 365 daily drawings, Set for Life handed out more than $110 million in prize money to 8.6 million winners. The second drawing produced a new winner who received an award of $1 million.

The Set for Life game is a U.S.-based lottery that was launched on July 2, 1994. It is operated by the Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC). The game is divided into two sections: the regular monthly drawings and the weekly "Set for Life" drawings. If you match all six numbers in the regular drawing, you will win a prize between $500,000 and $15 million. However, if you match five of six numbers in the "Set for Life" drawing, you will win an award worth up to $120 million.

In addition to the regular monthly drawings, the Set for Life game has a special weekly drawing called "The Big One." This drawing is held once every seven days and it is only open to Set for Life players who matched all six numbers in that week's regular drawing. The Big One draws are expected to feature huge awards because they give players a chance to win big prizes without having to match all six numbers in one single drawing.

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