Has any QB had a perfect game?

Has any QB had a perfect game?

During their careers, twelve quarterbacks have had a game with a perfect 158.3 passing rating and a game with a 0.0, the lowest possible passer rating: Otto Graham, Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, Len Dawson, Bob Griese, James Harris, Bob Lee, Craig Morton, Dan Fouts, Eli Manning, and Andrew Luck.

In addition, Bernie Kosar had two games with a 149.0 rating during his career. Both of those games were in 1984 when he was with the Cleveland Browns.

Kosar's other high score came in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1983 when he had three touchdowns and no interceptions while completing 22 of his 33 passes for 349 yards and a rating of 149.0.

Terry Bradshaw had two such games during his career - one in 1973 when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers and another in 1975 when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles. He completed 21 of his 26 passes for 345 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions in both games.

The other QB to have two such games is Otto Graham who did so in 1946 when he was with the New York Giants and 1949 when he was with the Boston Yanks. He completed 19 of his 23 passes for 372 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions in both games.

Otto Graham, Bernie Kosar, and Terry Bradshaw are the only quarterbacks to have more than one game with a 150+ rating.

Who are the quarterbacks with a perfect passer rating?

Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, Len Dawson, Bob Griese, James Harris, Bob Lee, Dan Fouts, Craig Morton, Eli Manning, and Peyton Manning are among the twelve quarterbacks who have had a zero passer rating and a perfect (158.3) passer rating during their careers. There is a list of NFL quarterbacks with flawless passer ratings.

He joined Billy Kilmer and Fran Tarkenton on the unfortunate list of Super Bowl quarterbacks who did not lead their teams to an offensive touchdown. Morton has the lowest Super Bowl quarterback rating in history. You might argue that he actually completed eight passes: four to the Broncos and four to the Cowboys.

Brady, like his opponent, Jared Goff, did not have his greatest game in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history last year. Brady seldom threw the ball downfield, with about a fifth of his throw attempts being 10 yards or longer—and he only completed four of those nine tries.

What is the perfect QB rating?

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. The greatest official passer rating a quarterback can obtain in the National Football League (NFL) is 158.3, which is referred to as a "perfect passer rating." The highest single-game score recorded by a quarterback in the NFL is 215 set by Peyton Manning in 2013.

The rating system was introduced in 1973 when it was decided that the then-current system of awarding points for victories, losses, and ties was unfair to non-division game opponents. From that point on, through the 2014 season, the number would be calculated using only winning and losing records. In 1995, with the introduction of the Flex Plan, winning percentage was replaced with a formula that included some statistical components such as touchdowns responsible for and turnovers caused. The current formula is: (total yards - interceptions + fumbles lost)/(passing yards + rushing yards).

In addition to being the highest single-game score recorded by a quarterback in the NFL, Manning's performance has been cited as the reason why the rating system was changed in the first place. Prior to his record-breaking season, many critics were arguing that winning games should not necessarily result in higher quarterback ratings because there were many other factors involved in determining who would win or lose a given matchup.

What is the ideal quarterback?

In order for a quarterback to achieve this statistic, he must complete all of his passes attempt and avoid throwing any interceptions. A perfect passer rating does not necessarily mean that a quarterback is great; however, it does show how well he can perform under pressure without making mistakes.

In addition to completing all of his passes, an ideal quarterback would be one who has good leadership skills, is competitive, knows how to manage a game, and has good body language during games. While there is no specific position that requires a quarterback to have a certain degree of intelligence, it helps if he is at least somewhat knowledgeable about the game itself. It also helps if he has some sense of humor; after all, we are talking about football here! Finally, an ideal quarterback is measured by how well he performs under pressure without making any mistakes.

According to statistics provided by ESPN, there have been 33 quarterbacks who have led their teams to the playoffs while being ranked in the top five in passing yards per game during that same season.

How many touchdown passes does a quarterback have to have to be perfect?

To qualify, a quarterback must attempt at least 10 passes in a single game, have zero interceptions, a minimum completion rate of 77.5 percent, a minimum of 11.88 percent of their throws score touchdowns, and a minimum of 12.5 yards per attempt. He also needs one game with at least one passing touchdown and no interceptions.

The passer-rating equation is: (10 - interceptions) / (games played - 1). If the passer-rating is 70 or higher, he qualifies. The number of yards per attempt depends on how many attempts you make; if it's less than 12, then you get 12 yards per attempt. If it's between 12 and 19 attempts, you get 13 yards per attempt. If it's 20 or more attempts, you get 14 yards per attempt.

So far this season, only three quarterbacks meet all of these requirements: Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts, Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, and Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders. They represent the top three passers in terms of average yardage after six games.

In fact, only Luck has been perfect so far this season, with no more than 10 touchdowns and no more than two interceptions in any game. He's coming off of back-to-back 200-yard games and has a passer rating of 111.3.

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