Does Garen counter Pantheon?

Does Garen counter Pantheon?

Garen must counter Pantheon in 51.0 percent of his rounds. Garen has done an excellent job of opposing Pantheon. Garen wins a whopping 53.0 percent of the games the champs play against each other. Garen's side is 4.0 percent less likely to earn first blood in matchups against Pantheon.

Pantheon must counter Garen in 47.0 percent of their rounds. Pantheon has done a poor job of countering Garen. Pantheon loses games where they should have won, and wins where they should have lost. In other words, they are even matched up against Garen.

Pantheon is 5.0 percent more likely to win the first round of a match with Garen. If Pantheon can take down Garen in the first round, they will most likely win the match. Garen is strong in the early game, so if Pantheon can deal with him effectively, they have a good chance of winning.

To sum it up, Garen is very effective at countering Pantheon. They are a perfect fit for one another because neither player wants to fight over mid lane. This makes for an easy victory for Garen most of the time.

Does Garen counter Zed?

Garen has done an excellent job of defeating Zed. He typically wins 52.0 percent of the games in which the champions face up. Garen's team is 0.0 percent more likely to win first blood in Garen vs. Zed rounds.

Zed usually starts the fight with a sneak attack, which is most common on opponents that he stuns (75 percent). This allows him to get a free hit on Garen without getting attacked back. If Garen blocks or ducks the attack, then Zed can follow up with another strike of his own.

Garen counters by blocking every single attack from Zed and beating him with multiple strikes of his own. In fact, Garen has defeated all nine of Zed's possible attacks in competitive play. When the match goes to battle royal mode, Garen has won 89 percent of the time!

It is very difficult for Garen to be knocked out of the game while defending against Zed. Only 1 in 100 fights ends in death for Garen when facing off against Zed. However, since Garen only has one life, if Zed gets him down low enough then he will die.

Overall, Garen is a very strong champion who deserves a spot on every player's favorite list.

Does Garen counter Akali?

Garen performs an excellent job at countering Akali. He typically wins 53.0 percent of the matches in which the champions compete. Garen's team is 2.0 percent more likely to get first blood in Garen vs. Akali matchups.

Garen can block a maximum of two spells per fight. If he blocks one spell, he will be staggered and disabled for three seconds, allowing Akali to attack freely without fear of retaliation. If Garen blocks two spells, however, he will be disarmed for five seconds and become vulnerable to attacks while Akali gains advantage. In order to avoid being disarmed, Garen needs to block her spells quickly after they are cast.

Akali has the ability to redirect her spells. This ability can only be used if there is something preventing her from casting her spells directly. For example, if she is hit with a melee attack or takes damage from an area of effect spell, she can use her reaction to redirect its path toward another target.

Redirected spells cannot be redirected again, but they still do their normal amount of damage. Any additional effects linked to specific attacks or abilities (such as Akali's Curse on Hit) will not trigger when she uses this ability.

Garen can block both Akali's direct and redirected spells.

Does Garen counter Kayle?

This Garen vs. Kayle counter evaluation was derived from an examination of 63,199 ranked games in which both champions competed. This is a pretty frequent combo. In 28.8 percent of his games, Garen must counter Kayle. How does he do it? Well, first of all, they're both melee champions so they can clash anywhere on the map. Secondly, Kayle has the ability to teleport herself to enemy targets, which gives her the opportunity to appear near Garen as he tries to attack another target. Finally, Kayle has the ability to break shields, which allows her to deal extra damage to vulnerable targets such as Garen during times when he's not able to act or move freely.

Garen's job is to avoid getting hit by spells, abilities, and attacks. He achieves this by moving aggressively into battle, often taking multiple enemies out with one strike. If he gets too close to a champion who has an ability that can hurt him, he'll need to back off before they can clash. Otherwise, he's likely to get hit by the spell or ability without being given a chance to fight back.

In general, champions that are good at avoiding damage should be able to defend themselves fairly effectively against Garen. Champions that focus their skills on dealing large amounts of damage will have a harder time keeping him away from their allies for long periods of time.

Who beats Pantheon jungle?

Counter-Selection in Pantheon Cho'Gath, a reasonably easy to play champion with a victory percentage of 50.18 percent (average) and a play rate of 1.6 percent, would be the best counter (high). The second-best counter is Blitzcrank, with a victory percentage of 49.82 percent and a play rate of 1.5 percent.

Pantheon is one of the most popular champions in the game, with an average match time of 3 minutes 37 seconds and a win rate of 48.24 percent. He's also one of the easiest champions to play, with a skill rating of 930 and a game knowledge ratio of 2%.

Cho'Gath is a powerful mid-range champion that deals significant damage from range with his Rage ability and takes advantage of this by attacking at close range with his Leaping Kick. This allows him to deal maximum damage and avoid getting pushed away from the fight. His Wither is an effective escape mechanism that can either be used to create a distraction and allow him to flee or destroy part of the map if he cannot escape otherwise. Finally, his Ultimate allows him to resurrect himself after being killed which can be useful in team fights or when facing heavy pressure.

Cho'Gath has good matchups against most champions because they tend to focus on another member of their own team.

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