Does fizz counter Katarina?

Does fizz counter Katarina?

Unfortunately, Katarina fails miserably in her attempt to counteract Fizz. Normally, she wins just 44.0 percent of the time when the champs compete. Katarina's team is 1.0 percent less likely to earn first blood in Katarina's games versus Fizz, indicating that she will most likely not get first blood vs Fizz.

Katarina's ccSps are 0.8 more often than not, while Fizz' are 0.2 almost all the time. This means that Katarina will have fewer opportunities to use her abilities than Fizz over time. Considering that Fizz has better mobility and pressure value, it's safe to say that Katarina is not able to counter Fizz.

Does Cassiopeia counter Katarina?

Katarina performs a mediocre job at opposing Cassiopeia. Normally, Katarina wins 50.0 percent of the time when the champions clash. Katarina's team is 1.0 percent less likely to get first blood in Katarina vs. Cassiopeia matchups.

Cassiopeia counters Katarina by killing her teammates. This usually happens early in the match and leaves Cassiopeia with nothing to protect herself as Katarina takes all she can give. Cassiopeia can backfire though, if Katarina uses her abilities too late, allowing Cassiopeia to strike back first.

They are both strong champions that require good teamwork to be effective. Katarina has the edge because she can nullify Cassiopeia's advantage in range by using her abilities first. However, if Cassiopeia strikes first, she can deal significant damage before Katarina has a chance to react.

Does Katarina counter Irelia?

In 54.0 percent of her games, Katarina must oppose Irelia. Irelia performs an excellent job at defeating Katarina. Katarina often wins a massive 53.0 percent of the games in when the champions face off. Katarina's team is 1.0 percent less likely to win first blood in Katarina vs. Irelia encounters. Katarina's team is 3.4 percent more likely to surrender first blood.

Katarina and Irelia are both potent duelists who like to fight on the offensive. They have similar offensive kits with the addition of a combat knife for Katarina and a power sword for Irelia. Because of this, it is difficult to say which champion comes out on top in a match up between the two. In general, Katarina is at a slight advantage over Irelia because she has additional tools at her disposal. For example, Katarina can use the poison ampoule to deal extra damage during fights or activate her passive after killing an enemy champion. Irelia cannot use weapons nor can she apply any forms of elemental damage so these factors may give Katarina the edge.

Katarina has won 70 percent of her matches against Irelia. This shows that they are equally matched as champions but Katarina has an edge because of her options at her disposal. She can choose what items to bring into a match and can also react to Irelia's playstyle by choosing what armor and weapons to use.

Does Katarina counter Zed?

This type of matchup is rather common. In 73.6 percent of her rounds, Katarina must counter Zed. Katarina did a good job of defeating Zed. Typically, she wins 50.0 percent of the time when the champions square off.

In addition to countering, Katarina must also avoid getting countered by Zed. This will be difficult as he is the champion that counters the most attacks in the game. However, if Katarina sticks to normal attacks and avoids getting hit by the energy ball, she should have no problem winning.

Katarina is one of the best champions to use against Zed. She has good range on her normal attacks, which allows her to trade with him effectively. Also, since he is the champion that counters the most attacks in the game, she can expect to see a lot of him. Thus, Katarina will most likely need to counter him many times in order to win a match.

Zed is the champion that counters the most attacks in the game. Since he is so aggressive, it is important for Katarina to stay out of his range on defense. Otherwise, she will get hit by an attack and be forced into using her energy ball. If Katarina gets too close to Zed, he will use his energy ball on her instead. Thus, keep your distance at all times.

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