Did Matt Hardy really get hurt at all?

Did Matt Hardy really get hurt at all?

Before going to the hospital after AEW All Out, Matt Hardy passed the concussion protocol. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, Matt Hardy was rushed to a local hospital after seeming to suffer a head injury during a spot against Sammy Guevara in their singles match on Saturday at AEW All Out in Jacksonville, Florida. While there is no official word yet on what happened, it does not look good as Hardy's car drove itself into the emergency entrance of the hospital.

According to Johnson, police are investigating whether or not Guevara may have caused the accident by hitting Hardy with his vehicle. If this is found to be the case, then Guevara would likely be issued a traffic ticket and have his license suspended. However, officials haven't confirmed this information as of writing this article.

Matt Hardy has been a part of AEW since its beginning back in January 2019. He first appeared on Talking Smack during an interview with Chris Jericho where he announced that he was joining AEW. Since then, he has made several appearances for AEW including at All Out where he fought Sammy Guevara in a singles match which Guevara won.

Hardy has had some past issues with depression and anxiety but has managed to overcome them through wrestling. He has said in interviews that he tries to help those who struggle with mental health issues by showing them that they aren't alone and that it is possible to achieve success in wrestling.

What did Matt Hardy do to his head?

Matt Hardy, a professional wrestler, bashed his skull on a concrete floor in an unplanned landing, leaving his wife upset at home. Matt Hardy soars into the air backwards. When he hits the ground, his neck snaps backward, causing serious injury to his brain.

The fall broke three bones in his neck and left him paralyzed from the chest down. He had surgery to fuse the bones back together, but it was too late for him to recover use of his arms or legs. He died two years later, at the age of 40.

Why does this happen? In this case, it was because Matt's head was pushed forward when he hit the mat, which caused his neck to snap backward when he landed.

This can also happen if someone else's weight is on your neck, such as in a wrestling move called a neckbreaker. In this case, it was not intentional and no punishment will be given to the person who did it.

How can you protect yourself? There are several moves in wrestling that could potentially cause your opponent to throw you off balance and force you to land on your head. Examples include a slam or drop toehold.

How did Matt Hardy and Edge get together?

Though Matt Hardy did lash out after learning about Edge and Lita, he was able to control his rage and channel it to his benefit. The two ex-friends transformed their on-screen chemistry into a plot.

Hardy's wife Reby was horrified and enraged when the match was permitted to continue despite what she said was a visible concussion. In the AEW All Out event, Hardy faced Sammy Guevara and struggled high above the floor on a scissor lift before Guevara speared him over the top.

We also looked into the lives and times of the broken one and discovered these 15 facts about Matt Hardy. Matt and Jeff Hardy decided to start their own wrestling organization, OMEGA Championship Wrestling, when they were still quite young.

Where is Matt Hardy today?

Matt Hardy is presently signed to AEW after leaving WWE and not re-signing a new contract when the old one expired. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

He has two children named Mason Brayton and Bella Eve Hardy.

Matt Hardy has been married to Nicole Hennings since January 2004. They have two children together named Hunter John Hardy and Jagger Cameron Hardy.

He has appeared in several movies including The Condemned 2, 13 Reasons Why, and The Marine 3: Homecoming.

Hardy made his debut on July 19, 2014 at A Great Day Out - Anaheim Angels vs. Los Angeles Dodgers as he took out two people with one punch! - during a tag team match also involving Chris Jericho and The Sandman against The Lucha Dragons (Penta El Zero and Prince Puma).

The next night on Raw, Vince McMahon announced that Hardy had signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and would be making his return at AEW's Double or Nothing event on May 25th from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since then, he has won all his matches and titles opportunities with no setbacks.

Does Matt Hardy still fight?

Matt Hardy revealed the true reason he quit the organization during a recent appearance on the Chris Van Vliet Show. "I just felt like it was time for me to move on," said Hardy. "WWE gave me an opportunity of a lifetime, but at some point you just feel like you've been doing this long enough and had enough success to where you can't really go any further. I just felt like it was time to try something new."

Hardy made his AEW debut at Double or Nothing attacking Jeff Cobb with a shot to the head from behind the curtain. This led to many speculating that Hardy would be involved in their upcoming war between Cody and Dustin Poirier. However, AEW President Tony Khan announced shortly after that Hardy has been hired as a consultant to help guide them through their first season.

This doesn't mean that Hardy will be fighting every week since they already have two confirmed matches for their inaugural event on May 25th, but it does mean that he'll be an active participant in the promotion helping them make future decisions.

After his run in TNA, Matt Hardy went back to wrestling for independent promotions in Japan before returning to the United States where he has worked various events across the country including WrestleCon and All In.

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