Can you throw a baseball or golf ball farther?

Can you throw a baseball or golf ball farther?

The ridges on a golf ball can only assist hold the ball in the air longer if the ball is spinning, thus if you threw a perfect knuckle ball with the golf ball, the baseball may perhaps be thrown farther. However, a standard ball is usually thrown better because it is more stable in flight.

The farthest I have seen a baseball thrown was by Roger Maris and he threw it 613 feet in 1961. The farthest I have seen a golf ball go is by Sam Snead who hit one that went 521 yards in 1966.

The record for a baseball thrown by a human is held by Joe DiMaggio with 714 feet. The longest distance ever hit by a baseball player is 737 feet, which has been done three times: by Ted Williams in 1939, by Eddie Murray in 1977, and by Mark McGwire in 1998. The record for a golf ball thrown is 522 yards, which was set by Nick Faldo in 1995.

Here are some other interesting facts about these sports:

A baseball is thrown faster than a golf ball (80 mph vs. 75 mph).

There have been more than 100 world records set in both sports.

In fact, there are more records available for baseball than any other sport in history.

What makes a golf ball go farther?

Wind resistance causes drag on a golf ball as it moves through the air, slowing it down. The dimples of a golf ball minimize air resistance, allowing the ball to travel quicker and further. Longer clubs reach their maximum distance with properly-weighted balls.

The weight of the ball affects how far it will go. Light balls fly farther than heavy ones of equal size because they resist turning more easily. This is called "spin rate" and it's measured in rotations per minute (rpm). Golf balls with high spin rates are useful for short shots or approach shots where you need a ball to stop quickly; low-spinning balls are better for long drives or out-of-town plays when you want your ball to keep rolling forever.

As we've mentioned, different types of shots call for different types of balls. A golfer can't use a driver every time he or she hits the fairway; that would be absurd! But with a few sensible choices, any average player should be able to select a ball that will fit his or her game nicely.

Which is longer, a baseball or a tennis ball?

A more effective throwing motion would propel the baseball further (approximately 1/8 pound). Baseball is arguably the better of the two sports for developing a solid throwing motion. Tennis balls are cheaper and come in larger quantities.

The average length of a baseball game is 3 hours, 45 minutes. A baseball has 6 inches of diameter while a tennis ball is 6 inches wide. At 55 yards away, the pitch would travel about 50 feet per second for a baseball and 40 feet per second for a tennis ball.

Tennis players usually have stronger arms than baseball players because they need to be able to return hard shots on the ball. Stronger muscles mean faster limb movement when exercising them!

Baseball requires precision aiming that can only be achieved with practice. Weak arms will never make for good baseball players.

In conclusion, the tennis ball is shorter but travels farther; thus it's superior for exercises involving throwing.

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