Can you take water bottles into Angels Stadium?

Can you take water bottles into Angels Stadium?

Inside Angel Stadium, no firearms are permitted. Inside Angel Stadium, only factory-sealed plastic bottles of water, flavored water, or sports drinks up to one liter in capacity are permitted. Any other containers will be removed by security personnel.

However, there is no ban on drinking liquids inside the stadium. You can bring your own bottle if you like, but don't expect to find many places to leave it once you enter the stadium.

The best place to leave your drink is the new California Roll concession area on Level 3 behind home plate. There are also a few trash cans around the stadium that would work fine too.

There are recycling bins throughout the stadium and the Los Angeles Times Sports Page on tabletops where you can drop off empty water bottles for a small refund ($1 per bottle).

But don't count on finding much else to recycle besides water bottles inside the stadium.

So yes, you can take water bottles into Angels Stadium.

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Bottles and cans of any kind, with the exception of a factory-sealed plastic bottle of water or soft drink 20 oz or less in size, are not permitted at the stadium. Any visitor detected hiding alcohol throughout the security screening process may be barred from entering the stadium.

The safety of our fans is our first priority. In an effort to provide a safe environment for all who attend New York Jets games, we ask that you follow some simple guidelines. Please help us keep MetroCard prices low by avoiding excessive baggage fees and checking only one bag.

Below is a list of prohibited items:

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the stadium. Beer bottles can crack under their own weight when taken off the store shelf so they must be disposed of properly. Wine bottles can be carried in the hand but not in a bag or container. Only clear, non-carbonated bottled waters are permitted. Sports drinks, fruit juices, and other liquids are not allowed.

Arms cannot be hidden inside clothing nor can they be attached to body parts such as thighs, bellies, or buttocks. If you need to carry something in or on your arm, such as a medicine ball, tap into a muscle rather than overstressing a tendon or bone.

Bags and containers larger than 16 ounces are not allowed in the stadium.

Can you bring water bottles into AT Stadium?

AT Stadium does not accept any bottles, cans, or drinking containers of any form. Inside AT Stadium, compact cameras (still only) are authorized as long as their usage does not interfere with the event or the enjoyment of other visitors.

Can you take bags into Angel Stadium?

Any luggage that is 16" by 16" by 8" or less is permitted inside Angel Stadium. Bags larger than these dimensions will not be permitted into the facility.

However, any item carried into the stadium on your person is subject to search. If you are asked to leave any bag behind, either at the gate or in your parking spot, please do so.

There are two options for transportation into town: car and bus. The L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) runs several buses from all over Southern California that stop near the stadium entrance on Vin Scully Avenue. A $10 fee is required to enter the station.

The trip takes about an hour and a half and there are four buses per hour during game days. For more information, visit

You can also drive to the stadium. It's about a 20-minute ride from downtown Los Angeles. The Coliseum City Transit Center is right across the street from the stadium entrance on Vin Scully Avenue. Here you can catch a free shuttle bus to the Hollywood/Highland subway station, then transfer to the Red Line trolley to reach the city center.

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