Can you attend Cubs games in 2021?

Can you attend Cubs games in 2021?

Register for a chance to win tickets to the Cubs' limited-capacity regular-season games at Wrigley Field in 2021! On the IDEAL Suite Level, as well as in the Hornitos Hacienda and Budweiser Patio, limited-capacity private areas for groups of eight or more will be available. The winners will be notified by March 31, 2020.

Cubs fans are some of the most loyal in baseball and have been known to make appearances at games wearing their favorite players' jerseys. In addition, there are many fan clubs that meet after games to discuss the team's prospects before heading out for the evening.

Cubs fans also have a reputation for being among the most enthusiastic at Wrigley Field. During home runs, standing ovations are common and there is even a special section called "The Loge" that can only be accessed through the fourth floor ticket windows. If you get stuck in traffic on Clark Street near Addison, don't worry about missing any action - a video screen above the main entrance will show what's happening on the field below.

Fans can vote online for their favorite players to appear in an upcoming issue of Cubbies Magazine. Each week one player will be chosen from a list of candidates nominated by the editorial staff.

When do Chicago Cubs season tickets go on sale?

To begin the season, the Cubs can expect 8,274 people per game at Wrigley Field, while the Red Sox will expect 8,122 fans at Guaranteed Rate Field. Here's how to acquire tickets to White Sox and Cubs games. Season ticket holders for the Chicago Cubs will get first dibs on tickets beginning March 15.

Last summer, the Cubs created tight rules that they felt would allow up to 7,000 people to safely attend Wrigley Field games. It proposed for supporters to be arranged in groups of two, four, or six, with specific gates and staggered admission and exit windows.

Fans will be able to stroll around Guaranteed Rate Field and Wrigley Field for the first time since the 2019 season. Mayor Lori Lightfoot stated on Monday that only a restricted number of fans would be permitted to attend Chicago White Sox and Cubs games this season.

Are the Cubs allowing fans?

Rate Guarantee Field, home of the White Sox, will be able to accommodate 8,122 people, while Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs, will be able to accommodate 8,274. Fans, on the other hand, have had a mixed reaction to the mayor's choice. Some love it. Others hate it.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has approved a plan to allow up to two games per year at Rosemont High School in suburban Rosemont. The deal would bring about $50 million into the city over the next 50 years. The proposal must now be approved by the Board of Alderman.

Emanuel made the announcement at a news conference Thursday afternoon. "We're not going to have any more Wrigley Fields or Fenways," he said. "These are great parks but they're not being used for baseball."

The mayor added that Rate Guarantee Field "is a world-class stadium" and "will become a major attraction for residents and visitors to our city".

Emanuel also mentioned the need for Chicago to adopt a new minor league team. The Tribune reports that the mayor is considering a bid for a Class A team for 2014. The paper says that one potential location for such a team is McCormick Place.

Whom do the Cubs play on Opening Day 2021?

The Chicago Cubs will return to Wrigley Field on Thursday afternoon to face the Pittsburgh Pirates in their home opener. As the COVID-19 epidemic spreads throughout the city, the Cubs will only allow a small number of people to attend the home opening. Tickets for this game will be made available online at

Cubs fans have been anxious to see if they can pull off another World Series title after winning the championship in 2016. With so much uncertainty due to COVID-19, it is hard to tell what will happen on Opening Day but one thing is for sure, the game will go on as scheduled.

The Cubs played their first game of 1921 against the Cincinnati Reds at West Side Park. It was also the first game at Wrigley Field. The Cubs lost that opening day game 1-0. Stan Hack was the pitcher who got the win with a scoreless inning of relief work. That was the only game he would pitch in during that first season. The Cubs finished that first year with a 65-17 record and won the National League title.

In 1922 the Cubs opened up Wrigley Field with a doubleheader against the St. Louis Cardinals. They won the first game 5-3 and then lost the second game 2-1. Joe Jackson was the winner of both games with his no-hit performance in the second game.

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